Meet an old friend, in a dream.

It’s been a long time since I’ve met him. We met at a project we do together, with 3 other people. I remember him the most because he’s about my age, and he have quite a unique name. The other day, I found him in facebook. It turns out that he took fishery and oceanography major, in a University near me. I was excited to meet him after a long time.

I took the different road since that time. While he seems to stick to the same road.

So I meet this pretty girls, in a dream. She have to do a study in something (i forget) in an island. So I went to the island with her, but surprisingly he (my old friend) is driving the boat and he turns out to be that girl’s boyfriend.

So while she doing her study, we talk and talk, and talk. We keep talking, until I wake up just to realize its a dream.

I wonder how he’s been doing.
I should meet him sometimes,
we were friends,
after all.