My Plan, 8 Years From Now.

This is a lifetime goal. I will go there. I will save enough money, to actually travel there. Backpacking, no travel company.

What can I do in the mean time?

  1. Explore Indonesia more
    Now that I’m a forestry engineering student, it would be easier to go places for me. There’s a lot of field study that we do here, so I’d look forward to that. After I graduate there, I should find a job outside of Java Island, to get more insight of Indonesia. Even at work I should not stop travelling.
  2. Get a a good grades
    This is a must. My parent pay a lot of hard work to keep me here, so the least thing that I could do is giving them a good grades.
  3. Collect Money
    How much money do I need exactly? I do not know. I expect it wont be cheap. To be safe, I should have 20 millions rupiah (I should do more research)

The timeline

I should graduated at the university at the 21 years old. Should I take a master degree? Say I take a master degree, which means I would be 23 yo by the time I get a master degree. Should I find a girl to marry? I should. But I will not marry her until I have a permanent and stable income.

Which means I have to work. As my plan mentioned above, I should apply to company outside Java island. I was thinking about Kalimantan, but others are good too.

THEN after a good and stable income I should marry a girl, who knows me, and understand this passion of mine. IT WOULD BE AWESOME if she agree and travel to Patagonia together with me. So, at 27 I have to be married. Please don’t go over 30 hahaha. Between 27 and 23 I should have a permanent income and save up to 20 millions.

Also another targent of mine is, I should at least climb a mountain once a year. Between now and 27 yo, I should have travel at least 8 more times. It should be given me enough experience to travel to Patagonia.

If she didn’t agree about this vision of mine, at least talk her out of this, get her permission to go there.

Patagonia, with a little editing.


Then, after all done, I should fly to Argentina, and find my way to Patagonia.

Ofcourse this is my plan, but God may have more, much more wonderful plan for me.

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