Inevitable Word
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Inevitable Word

A Broken Edifice

Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #13

My gestures a trifle worth of my heart
Are all I have for the altar of Thy love.
A leaf or a half-withered flower now
This mendicant’s gift unto Thy bounteous light.

A tempest fierce is reeling under my feet
And rising into my limbs to scuttle and maim.
Thy gesture infinite into my finite self seem
Like an illumined Heaven descending into my night.

The beast and the demon still jealously guard
The gates through which the embodied spirit must pass,
And fire and rage and Hell’s caress
Must its mead and joy be in Thy labour apportioned.

A trifle of my spirit is my own human mess;
Accept it as Thou wouldst accept a broken edifice.



Inevitable Word is a pedestal for the newer forms of Poetry, Prose and literary Criticism. It is an attempt to bring into every manuscript the inevitable word and expression of the Spirit, as may be found in the Vedas, and more prominently, in the works of Sri Aurobindo.

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Murli R

Murli R

Founder@goldenlatitude. Lover of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & the English Metre. Mostly write on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, whom I earnestly follow within and without.