Halt Now

Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word
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Mar 11


Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #68

Courtesy Midjourney

Halt now Beloved, be relieved from harsh pursuit,
Chase no more through the hundred roads
My labouring soul that for Thee is ever kept,
Save Thyself from the mire that always taints.

Halt now Beloved, let no crease mar Thy visage,
Plot no more through the waning night
To curb absent rebellion in Thy sworn liege,
Who ails in exile of Thy presence bereft.

Halt now Beloved, rein back Thy battling troops,
Wither the wasteful expense of Thy might,
Bending for one vouchsafed soul the fates
And all the liveried arms from Thy haloed sept.

Shed now O Beloved the fatigues of war,
Take respite in my being’s empty sanctified shore.



Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word

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