Krishna and The Mother of Light — A Poem

Krishna meets the Mother of light in earth’s woodland of meek joys, and in the oneness of love they recognise each other. The Mother is awed by the presence of Krishna’s light in the evolution of consciousness and she demands an explanation. It is to which that Krishna replies, and to that which he says she is lost and experiences the supreme nature of Purushottama, not an experience in the word-vision but as if she is hurled to the supreme Nought of Light that no thought can trace.

O Woman of light boundless beyond mortal raptures and in Shiva’s feet abide,
It is to Thy exceeding delight My Soul passes in silence. 
O living Silence, the mystic embracer of my aspiring consciousness,
Thought’s highest marge in God’s wonder manifest, and a golden Bird of heavens.

The Mother
O Thou Child, my ecstasy-filled boy of light, my supreme son of delight
What urgent errand made Thee descend to this mortal space? 
Were Thy soul hurled to this wicked existence of undelight?
O my supreme Love, answer my question of puzzling despair.

I am not forged to this living mortality, O Mother of light,
I have chosen to practise my yoga in this cavern of darkness.
I am Light and in the nought of infinity abide beyond mortal spaces
But wouldst this world behold me without my flaming descent?
Could it lift itself to my nearness without My glance of Grace?
I am man’s God in Nature and to Thy udder of light lead him
I am his primordial beginning and his supreme liberation from the cycle of birth
To the worlds above mind and body and material spaces.
I am the highest Spirit of light and in man’s heart known as Krishna
That is My name and besides, I have a thousand other names.

The Mother
Thou knoweth the secret, O Light fathomless and my august Son,
Thou art the Krishna of heavens and soul’s primordial existence.
I know Thee but know not Thy white secret,
O my white Spirit and my womb’s flaming Sun of God.
Tell me, whence arose the need to descend to this world of sorrow?
Art not Thou the same mystic Boy that could flute from above?
And hurl souls from this dolorous region to Thy imperishable ecstasy?
O my mystic Beauty, expound the mystery to my understanding.

Housed in white ashes, a Being abides in the immortal fire of mystery
He is the Lord, the Light beyond mind’s larger spaces.
Birthless, He is born in the world; birthless, He is never born.
That is the mystery of Me, but still not the whole of My mystery

The Mother
You perplex my understanding, God. I am besieged by Thy wondrous mystery
Who art Thou besides being Krishna of luminous eternity and my own Son?
I am the prologue to Thy living souls in the worlds of light and here in the earthly existence
Yet, I know not Thy inscrutable Secret, thy ineffable Nature.
Who art Thou, O infernal Sun-God of highest infinity?

I am, O Mother, the all-containing Nought, the most high God of light,
I am the single Being no thought can trace and no mind can capture.
Thy udder of light is a preface to a greater beginning in Me;
Those who reach Thee, reach Me.
The spiral of existence delays the Godhead in man,
He is a victim of his own insolence.
Thou art here to build an ascending ladder into my Spirit,
And to face the grim law of the terrestrial and surmount the impossible.
Otherwise, man will plummet into the dark abyss of death,
And world will come to destruction and dissolution. 
Thou art the march of My Spirit here on earth;
I have come to aid Thy work, and as slave at Thy service. 
We are both God and Shakthi, and we bear upon us the pain of earth.

The Mother
O Krishna, shine forth upon us the light of Thy knowledge, 
And lead us into a thousand joys of Thy infinite bounty.
A day shall come when each soul here shall become a songbird of Thee
And the earth shall become a one body of Thy glorious Truth.

Note: An early draft dated 26th July, 1995 and revised on 14th May, 2017.