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Inevitable Word
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Mar 12


Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #69

Courtesy Midjourney

Ah Beloved, without mirth and passionately crude,
Arriving with hundred unkempt strains of ardour,
Like Thy tresses that trail strewn and tangled
When Thou comest impatient to the coveting hour.

Ah Beloved, watching keen from each sleepless eye
Huddling across the hidden spaces of secret night,
Spilling in glimmer-whispers across the black sky
Of all the jealous stings that pierce Thy heart.

Ah Beloved, like a hungry hound prowling the spaces
To maraud the languorous hours lingering to sleep,
Upon our tattered dreams and distraught eyes are traces
Of Thy nocturnal passions roused from abyss deep.

Suffer not in secret O Beloved for our daily rendezvous,
Lasso now from Thy solar seat my soul besides you!



Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word

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