Now & Hereafter

Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word
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Mar 9


Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #66

Courtesy Midjourney

Be besides us in cumbrous dream
Where careless hands maul our cares,
Screening events that make it seem
Angst lives in a face and peril lurks close.

Be besides us in hours of the day
That come like messengers of ill
Bearing claims from a daemon of nay,
Siege bringer upon our action’s will.

Be besides us when stutters the heart
By dearborn caught in relentless spells
Of fate that common mercy knows not
And incurable stain of human ignorance.

Keep us and ours in the span of Thy sceptre,
O Endower of soul and life in the now and hereafter.



Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word

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