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Inevitable Word

O Pray Tell Me

Poem — An Invocation to The Master #66

Thy bare processes make me complete,
Thy half-measures my measureless leap into eternity!
Oh, pray tell me how in Thy-manufactured
Retardations abides soul’s glory-road to Thy ecstasy?

Pray tell me before my mortality to Thy immortality
Transformed as why Thy deathless light into this dungeon
Was involved and imprisoned, the wherefore of Thy impunity,
While my body pusillanimous buried under a grave tombstone?

Pray tell me before I part ways with my chubby charlatan
As the dreams I was born with crushed by Thy iron-hand,
O pray tell, my Love, before my love is Thine
Wholly as to why a dolorous brute before a joyous godhead?

Now, now hearest me Thou, as if unheareth Thy visage pretends,
Thy entrance more predicable than a common script,
But all is now a rapture of Thy untouched bliss,
All is Thou still unpredictable as ever, but revealed only to my heart!

O World-Guru, pray tell me before I become Thy sole brood,
When wilt Thou engulf me of Thy vast grace light?




Inevitable Word is a pedestal for the newer forms of Poetry, Prose and literary Criticism. It is an attempt to bring into every manuscript the inevitable word and expression of the Spirit, as may be found in the Vedas, and more prominently, in the works of Sri Aurobindo.

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Murli R

Murli R

Founder@goldenlatitude. Lover of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & the English Metre. Mostly write on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, whom I earnestly follow within and without.

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