Inevitable Word
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Inevitable Word

O Soul

O soul, what a vain adventurer art thou,
Choosing joy and danger of human life,
Purchasing by birth a body’s car new
To ride the roads of gladness and strife.

Dost thou tire of too much light O soul,
Seeking twilight to shade thine eyes?
Does heaven’s wisdom grow in time stale,
That thou doth sip sap of ignorance?

Dost thou grow weary of haloed realms,
The aloof conduct of conductors of earth?
Are there no splendours in ascending ways
That thou descendest for this feeble mirth?

Or didst a dispute drive thee here,
Some subtle argument irreconcilable?
Didst He by averting gaze thee ignore
And thou too petulant to let go thy foible?

Oh ethereal fool, knowest thou not the law,
Neither in heaven nor earth is found
The high alchemy of becoming sans flaw,
For beneath His feet is Truth’s firm ground.

Save me O soul from thy adventurous whim,
Ferry me forthwith to the feet of Him.



Inevitable Word is a pedestal for the newer forms of Poetry, Prose and literary Criticism. It is an attempt to bring into every manuscript the inevitable word and expression of the Spirit, as may be found in the Vedas, and more prominently, in the works of Sri Aurobindo.

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Mahesh CR

Mahesh CR


Hi, I am Mahesh CR, Founder @tataatsu. I walk the borderlands between technology & spirituality. Follow @kalisbrood for Spirituality & Hinduism related topics