Spare Thee

Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word
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Mar 17


Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #74

Courtesy Midjourney

Make me no more chronicler of Thy cycles,
Standing on a turret within and watching
The drama of siege upon cherished walls
Ever the same danger and elation keeping.

Make me no more a muse of ways human,
Their themes circling a petty heart and mind,
With avarice for bread of desire and passion wine
On their bodies propped like a crown earned.

Make me no more a warrior of Thy will,
To roam and wander camps and coasts
Like one cast out from home in exile
And every face met is merely a stranger’s.

House me in a niche near Thee in Thy chamber
And I’ll spare Thee burden of my daily prayer!



Mahesh CR
Inevitable Word

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