Inevitable Word
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Inevitable Word

The Three Sages

Sonnet — Daily Poetry for The Master of Works #8

A sage of work is God’s dear emissary,
His skills not embalmed in worldly amber,
But put to use by tools of Spirit’s mastery;
The sage by God’s own works grow and aspire.

A sage of devotion is God’s cherished expression,
His devotion not mixed of human mire.
But given happily to Spirit’s myriad motion;
The sage by God’s passion joyously discover.

A sage of knowledge is God’s eternal gaze,
His knowledge not a mortal’s trifle,
But adorns the beauty of His infinite forms
By soul’s philosophy sublime and subtle.

The three sages are a one spirit in infinite movement;
To clasp and be clasped is the purpose secretly fulfilled.



Inevitable Word is a pedestal for the newer forms of Poetry, Prose and literary Criticism. It is an attempt to bring into every manuscript the inevitable word and expression of the Spirit, as may be found in the Vedas, and more prominently, in the works of Sri Aurobindo.

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Murli R

Murli R

Founder@goldenlatitude. Lover of Sanskrit, Latin, Greek & the English Metre. Mostly write on Sri Aurobindo’s Yoga, whom I earnestly follow within and without.