Zoom Has Issues and That’s Okay

Zoom’s captivating growth comes with a large assessment of its privacy and leadership in the industry.

With the ongoing Covid-19 crisis occurring, more and more places are being sent to work from home. These companies are relying more on communication than ever before. This sudden hindrance to everyday life has led people and corporations flocking to already mainstream communication services such as Discord, Slack, and Microsoft Teams. Although, there has been an underdog that has shown a massive surge in users — Zoom. It’s safe to assume that going from 10 million users to 200 million users in the matter of 2 months surely places you among the greats. Zooms ability for sudden scalability has been shown with millions of calls happening every moment and not having any long term stability issues. It’s safe to say that our critical view on cloud containers may need to change after this impressive display.

Zooms’ sudden reach into the mainstream communication market hasn’t came without issues. Data security faults have occurred due to poor implementations of features within the software. Zoom’s “Login with Facebook” feature was sending data to Facebook that was completely unnecessary and belligerent to the end user. Data such as device information, location data, carrier data, and advertising identification was sent to Facebook. Information that should’ve never left your device to gather a simple identification token. Since being exposed they have integrated a fix, but why did that take a news article to be investigated? I would be surprised to learn it was anything but pure ignorance. They need to have a quality control team to validate their incoming and outgoing data. Without they might as well close the doors now.

Being the new kid on the block isn’t always fun and games. Zoom is going against large corporations. Companies that don’t like their market share being proceeded by anyone. Proceeding Zooms climb to fame, Google and Microsoft are making changes to their pre-existing software in order to captivate this new user base. Google announced that they will add gallery view to their meetings, a feature already found on Zooms platform, and further commitments to implementing Google Meet right into their mailing platform. Microsoft on the other hand is attacking the technology and government division due to it’s undoubted trust as a big software corporation — a market share that is more important to them than anything else. Zooms biggest issue is they aren’t trustworthy yet.

Competition drives innovation. Zoom should continue on with it’s claim as an industry giant, but they need to start developing measures to be more secure. This is an unpredictable time, and who knows — maybe this unpredictable work environment will become a normality in the industry.



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