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Feb 28 · 4 min read

Heading out the door? These days your trip from A to B might involve asking Alexa to book an Uber, then adding a tip via your smartwatch once you reach the destination. In just a few years, the number of devices the average person is connected to has doubled. But, maybe you didn’t even notice. That’s because UX Design helps make sure our technologically complicated journeys feel effortless and enjoyable. Who doesn’t want more of that? Here are the UX Design trends you can thank for smoother sailing into 2019 and beyond.

Fluid and dynamic designs

The idea of mobile-first or focusing exclusively on mobile is on the way out. Taking its place is designing for multi-device or device-agnostic experiences. Simply put, UX designers will need to think in terms of the user journey as a whole, not just according to a specific device. There is no obvious beginning, middle or end. User experience is taking place across the smartphone, laptop, tablet, TV, watch, car, and even refrigerator. To keep this fluid through interactions, the flow of features and functionalities will be simplified for faster problem solving.

Flat design is also finally going out of fashion. That’s the bright, 2D look we’ve been seeing everywhere since basically the rise of mobile. Instead, material design is delivering more detail, motion and liveliness. This adds depth and helps breathe life into products.

Real talk, for real people

Now that the Internet of Things is interwoven through our daily lives, people want online experiences that feel natural and seamless. In the future, expect your interactions with Alexa to become less like making a request to a robot and more like asking a friend (a super smart and helpful friend who can also talk to your thermostat, that is).

But, this more conversational approach can also be as simple as companies replacing menu navigation on a website with a search bar and the question: How can we help you? You can then type your query without having to navigate around the entire site.

Companies are starting to integrate copywriters throughout the entire UX Design process, enabling them to get the human element right from the very beginning. You’ll notice a big difference from copy that is added in at the end — after the design is already established.

Personalisation is status-quo

You’re already used to getting curated content from Netflix and Spotify. This year, expect personalisation to go from a bonus feature to the default feature. Personalisation is a dynamic UX trend that anticipates and then offers something useful based on the user’s profile, past behaviours, and other data.

Think about how Google maps pulls up traffic information for your journey home at the time you typically leave the office. The app has noticed a pattern in your past behaviour and is saving you the trouble of putting in the same information each day. Anticipatory design is just one of the personalised experiences we will soon take for granted.

UX Design that’s really all about the user

It should be a given that the user is central to UX Design, but this hasn’t always been the case. In the past, there was still a lot of guesswork involved. New design was all too often about ingenuity instead of usefulness.

But, these days companies have access to loads of customer data and A/B testing capabilities. Companies that follow their users throughout their entire customer journey will be able to provide the best quality experiences.

As much as we all like to talk about the hottest new trends and latest developments, very few of us actually like change. So anytime user experience is altered the benefit should be apparent to you from the very first touchpoint. One UX Design trend that will never go out of style is discovering and delivering what the user wants and need.

Thanks to our UXperts Merijn Martens, Richard de Vos and Bart van Asperen for making our customers’ journeys less like online odysseys and more like cyber strolls.

What are some of the UX Design trends you’re digging in 2019? Tell us about them below. And, if you would like to join our UX Design team, drop us a line.


We spend our days surrounded by Apple Watch wearing, Agile-evangelizing, Musk-worshiping digital natives. This is our place to vent. Expect tech satire, industry comment and maybe even some insights.

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We spend our days surrounded by Apple Watch wearing, Agile-evangelizing, Musk-worshiping digital natives. This is our place to vent. Expect tech satire, industry comment and maybe even some insights.

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