What You Need To Know About Infinitus

With so many accounts on social media, messaging apps, brokerages, crypto wallets, online shops and so forth, it’s incredibly easy to mess up and type in the wrong password or to forget it altogether (assuming you have different passwords for each account, which you should). And don’t even get me started on private keys… if those are lost, all your crypto assets are gone with them.

Right from the start, Infinitus was designed to make your online life easier. As a Smart Designation Repository, Infinitus addresses the problem of lost private keys and passwords but also the security of this sensible information, with a major emphasis on user friendliness. After all, our goal is to make your digital life easier and safer, not to turn you into a blockchain expert.

How We Started And Why

The answer is pretty simple: because people lose crypto and that’s a fact. By “losing crypto” I mean losing access to the crypto wallet and there’s nothing worse than staring at your wallet and not being able to access it because you can’t remember the password or PIN. Believe it or not, this happens more often than you think it does. Some people write down passwords and then forget where they’ve put the notebook, others store them on USB sticks or offline hard drives that can be lost or damaged and others use cloud storage, which can be hacked.

Read any crypto related forum and you will see people asking what to do if they lost their password or PIN and how to recover it. But the whole point of having a password is to keep everyone who doesn’t know it, out of your crypto wallet. So, allowing some sort of recovery would defeat the purpose of the password. In other words, you cannot recover the password of a crypto wallet.

What you can do is to restore your wallet with your private key, backup phrase (12–24 words), recovery seed (24–96 words), mnemonic seed/phrase or other such tools (they are different, depending on what crypto wallet you are using). By restoring your wallet, you will get back all its contents so you’ve dodged that bullet, but you need to have the private key or other types of data mentioned above. It’s imperative that you do, otherwise all that crypto is out the window.

Protecting that recovery data is the main reason why Infinitus was born. And while there are other repositories out there, none of them uses blockchain technology to secure your sensitive information. Infinitus does!

Unlike Traditional Repositories. Infinitus is Blockchain!

As of June 2017, 51% of the world’s population has internet access and that means that billions of passwords are being used. Most people probably have more than one password and that generates the need to store and protect those passwords, hence the creation of password-manager apps. These are repositories that link into your browser (or install on your phone), store your password and automatically fill it in when you access a saved site/account. You will still need a master password that grants you access to all the individual passwords.

This is definitely an improvement from storing your passwords yourself (or memorizing all of them) but still leaves the door open for cyber-attacks and still requires a master password to control everything. Infinitus eliminates all those risks by offering a blockchain solution for your passwords, private keys and other types of such sensible data.

The tech that powers Infinitus makes it hacker proof. Not only your data will be encrypted using AES1024, a military grade, state of the art encryption program, but the files will be fragmented and distributed across a decentralized peer to peer network of nodes made up of organizations and individuals that use Infinitus’ repository services. Each node will only contain bits of the encrypted and fragmented data, which doesn’t hold any significance on its own, meaning that the integrity of the whole data is never compromised.

The Ease Of Use And Convenience Of Security At Your Fingertips

Infinitus is a Decentralized Application (dApp) which can be downloaded for mobile devices from the Apple Store and Google Play respectively (for free, of course). It acts as the interface between you and the blockchain technology that powers it and was designed with ease of use in mind.

In other words, you will not see all the blockchain-tech stuff that happens in the backend and the frontend (the mobile app) will only require a few easy and intuitive steps to store the private data that you want to protect.

· Key in the data that you need to store/protect (password, private key, PIN, recovery phrase, mnemonic seed and many other byte-sized files)

· Set an inactivity period (which will act as a trigger event)

· Designate a receiver. The data will be sent to the designated person when the trigger event occurs.

· Activate the Smart Designation Repository by using INF tokens (one INF token activates one repository).

All this brings convenience and blockchain technology at your fingertips and at the same time, a higher level of security than traditional repositories.

Infinitus Is For Everybody

It doesn’t matter if you are a new or experienced cryptocurrency user because our dApp is designed to be extremely user friendly. Blockchain proficiency and technical skills are not prerequisites to use Infinitus, so to put it simply, everyone can benefit from blockchain-level security after 3 minutes of familiarization with the mobile app.

We’re here to make your digital life safer, so even if you don’t own crypto assets that need protection, you can simply store your regular passwords, not only private keys and recovery seeds that are specific to crypto wallets. After all, our online life revolves around passwords, so you wouldn’t want them to get lost.