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Huge Support from the Community and Investors — Infinity Arena Raised $1.5M in private rounds!

G reetings Infinity Arena Community,

From December, in the context of the market’s unstable situation, we held seed and private sales of INFINITY ARENA’s native INAZ tokens. We’ve summarized the results of these rounds below and are now ready to share them with you.

Private Sale and the Incredible Infinity Arena Support Network

The private sale included 2 rounds — seed and private — which have been held from December 2021. Overall, we secured $1.5M after 2 rounds from many top and trusted parties. Having received the backing of big players in the blockchain and crypto sphere, including Lua Ventures, TomoChain, Poolz Ventures, AVG, BSC Station, Dreamboat Capital, Vespertine Capital, OGRTZ Ventures, LeiFeng and other angel investors, Infinity Arena is set to establish its mission of becoming a next-generation GameFi project and an ecosystem of iconic NFTs.

All the rounds entail a 12/15-month vesting period, which means a percentage of the tokens will be locked until a certain moment. 8% of investors’ tokens remain unlocked at TGE, after 3 locked months, and then 6–7% will be released each month, starting in the 4th month.

We are grateful to have built such a strong support network of partners and believers in our idea and are looking forward to working with each and every one of you!

The Many Thousands Who Joined Infinity Arena and Be prepared for Public Sale

Once we close the private rounds (not now but soon), we will start to launch the Initial DEX Offering (IDO), which is tentatively held in March on at least 3 launchpads including LuaStarter, Astronauts, BSC Station simultaneously. More launchpads that are under discussion will be added along the way. It will be the first time Infinity Arena presents its native tokens — INAZ to the general public.

These incredible financial results aren’t the only indicator of the growing support for the Infinity Arena project, which comes from the crypto, blockchain, and gaming communities. Our community has explosively grown to include:

  • 27,000 Twitter subscribers
  • 23,000 members Telegram chat members
  • 15,000 members on Discord

We’re deeply thankful to every single member who supports us from the beginning to now. It’s too early to promise something for the future but we believe, with all our efforts along with the tremendous support from the community, Infinity Arena will reach new heights and hit the GameFi world in 2022, sooner or later.

About Infinity Arena

Infinity Arena, at its heart, is a combination of sci-fi and tactical play-to-earn NFT card game where players travel through the planets in search of Zeronium and defeat in combat to earn the reward. Players gradually build up an iconic NFT collection that grows in power over time, which they can use to venture into more tough battles with other players.

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The Metaverse blockchain-based game powered by Binance Smart Chain, with a mission of protecting the universe from the Dark Side by using different battle modes.

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Infinity Arena

The Metaverse blockchain-based game with a mission of protecting the universe powered by Binance Smart Chain.