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Infinity Pad introduces the PUBLIC SHO!

Opening up to the whole world of Crypto

The SHO evolves

Have you ever wondered why most traders don’t turn a profit, oftentimes losing a large portion of their investment, but others become “Whales”? Does it seem weirdly personal that the proverbial “Bogdanoff” dumps it, when you buy it and pumps it, as soon as you sell?

The answer is, because “Bogdanoff” is a symbol for Smart Money — and one of the main rules these people follow is:

Good trades are made on the BUYING price, not on the SELLING price.

And what better price can there be, than the presale price set in a Public Raise before the token is even listed? Veterans of the Infinity Pad know these events are called Strong Holder Offerings, or SHOs for short. Tokens like $LUS, $KMON etc were worth pennies before hitting the market and only $IPAD stakers had a chance at winning an allocation.

Opening up to the whole world of Crypto

The crypto world is characterized by fast-paced change in dynamics for getting the highest ROI. The old staking paradigm essentially traps the user in the project’s smart contract. With market volatility, FUD creeps in and investors act to their own financial detriment.

This is changed with the new model, opening the gates for unlimited investment opportunities for crypto holders. With the Public SHO, Infinity Pad can be used to join Strong Holder Offerings by ANYONE meeting the following criteria:

1- Register an account and complete KYC.

2- Hold a minimum of $2500 worth of ANY token in your Metamask. (no staking needed)

3- Contribute with $BUSD to the amount you have won if you are selected

-No strings attached-

That’s right! Absolutely any EVM-compatible token counts towards the total $2500. If your overall portfolio matches or exceeds this, you can participate in the Public SHOs at no additional cost.
In other words, users do not need to Stake any token on!

Your tokens never leave your wallet, for you to be able to participate. Moreover, they can even be staked on other DeFi platforms or Farms — all staking contracts integrated on are already supported!

What it means for Launched projects

With the introduction of the Public SHO, startups looking for a raise now have access to an unlimited number of users. This way, no resources are divided benefitting developers as they acquire greater support from communities.

Advantage for $IPAD Holders

Since there is virtually no cost, but a considerable upside to be earned by participating in Public SHOs, all winners will automatically be deducted 15% participation fee. IPAD stakers will have a 25% reduction on this fee. This is to strengthen the $IPAD Ecosystem and associated projects.

Holding $IPAD will have 3x more chance than any other token holder


We are on a constant mission to find worthy projects for SHOs which will make everyone’s experience go beyond Infinity.

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The Infinity Launchpad is designed to grow and assist new companies that want to leverage the Binance Smart Chain scalability and the support of some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

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