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Multi-Tickets and Weighting Systems

A Fairer Game serving More Winners

As part of the upgrades that Infinity PAD is experiencing and as described in our previous article , we will be conducting all the necessary changes in order to make IPAD the most dominant launchpad on the BSC. These changes will benefit IPAD users first!

Multi-Tickets System

The Multi Ticket System allows participants to win more than a single allocation, dividing them up in smaller batches, and thus ensures that more users have a chance to win an allocation.
The possibility of winning multiple allocations will be dependent on the tier; Higher tiers will have more chance to win more tickets.

Tickets will not always have the same value. Depending on the total raise for the project, it could vary between 100 BUSD and 300 BUSD.
As noticed by users, the Multi-Ticket System was introduced during Revault SHO on October 12th and resulted in an outstanding 468 winners for a total raise of 145k BUSD!

Weighting System

In a nutshell, the Weighting system represents a boosted increased chance when upgrading from one tier to the next. Probability of winning being described usually in percentage, we’ll simplify it by using the simple (x) function to define the multiplier.

Consider this:

The first tier users stake 25k IPAD and have 1 x chance to win. By upgrading to the next tier(50k), one would think that his/her chance will double (2x) since the IPAD staked doubled… BUT
Here is where the weight comes into play. Instead of 2x the chance, the weighting system will make it 2.14 x
Piece of cake right? Okay! Same goes for the next tier: instead of 4x, users will enjoy an increased chance of 4.63x and so on.

t(0): 1x chance
t(1): 2x becomes 2.14x !
t(2): 4x becomes 4.63x !
t(3): 8x becomes 9.92x !
t(4): 12x becomes 16.08x !

Note: The above are NOT the number of tickets per tranche, rather they are the boosted chances for each tier.

Improvements induced by community recommendations are part of the IPAD spirit.

We are on a constant mission to find worthy projects for SHOs which will make everyone’s experience to go beyond Infinity.

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The Infinity Launchpad is designed to grow and assist new companies that want to leverage the Binance Smart Chain scalability and the support of some of the biggest influencers in the industry.

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