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NEW Universal SHO Participation Guidelines


Register / Login account
-Complete the KYC process (If you have not done so already : One Time Process)
-Connect Wallet
-Stake a minimum of 50,000 $IPAD
-Go to the Research Page, and participate in IPAD SHO

Register / Login account
-Complete the KYC process (If you have not done so already : One Time Process)
-Connect Wallet
-Go to the Research Page, and participate in Public SHO
Connect Twitter account and follow Twitter accounts listed for Social Score Bonus
Share your referral link to get extra winning chances.

Infinity Pad is a community centric launchpad which allows users to participate in the right mindset by evolving in a non-constricted environment while safeguarding our user base from the more unsavory sides of the crypto world. Our mission is to Observe, Adapt and Overcome Potential Blockchain Voids, while helping clients and investors achieve success with a capped risk

In this article, we will cover how to participate in the Strong Holder Offerings (SHO) offered by Infinity Pad.

Go to to log in or register your account

Note : Infinity PAD leverages DAO Maker’s Technology and therefore account credentials from DAO Maker can also be used on Infinity PAD. Simply use the same login information as that of DAO Maker.

Connect your wallet that you would like to participate with. You can choose from MetaMask or WalletConnect.

You need to pass your KYC check in order to participate in SHOs offered by our platform. This has to be done once.

Note : As stated before, Infinity PAD leverages DAO Maker’s Technology and if you have already completed KYC with DAO Maker, then this step should be disregarded.

First, check the current list of allowed countries and make sure your country is on the list. A full list of supported countries by our KYC system is available at this link. Then, check the type of documents supported by the KYC system for your country.

Note : Residents of the countries that are not on the list will not be able to pass KYC and therefore can’t participate in SHOs held by our platform.

After making sure you have all the necessary supported documents, Proceed to Infinity Pad’s homepage and then Click on “Account” and then choose “KYC” from the expandable menu

After that, you will get a popup window. Follow the steps and once you are done, you will get a congratulatory message stating that you have completed your KYC. You can also take help from this article.

If you have issues verifying your document, we suggest you try with a different document and to make sure the image is clearly readable. If you still face issues, raise a ticket from here.

Note : This step is not necessary for Public SHO. However, staked IPAD tokens have a 3x multiplier making your chances of winning a Public SHO superior when compared to those holding other assets.

Staking is one of the most important steps to register for an IPAD SHO. Your staked IPAD or IPAD LP determines your tiers and accordingly your winning chances and allocations. The staking process is complemented by the IPAD Power system (iPower), which allows you to decide how much you would want to stake for each particular SHO and that will put you to the specific tier with varying chances of winning the allocation.

In order to stake your IPAD, first make sure to have IPAD tokens in your wallet and then proceed to the IPAD Vaults Page which can be accessed by clicking on “Stake IPAD” in the “Account” Drop Down menu

After reaching the below page, scroll down to Active Vaults section and click on “Research and Stake

Make sure your wallet is connected and then stake your IPAD or IPAD LP by clicking on “Stake

In order to participate in every IPAD SHO, you will need to stake at least 50,000 $IPAD in the vault. This will grant you exactly 50,000 iPower. While registering for the sale, you will always see what is the minimum amount of IPAD to be staked. If you do not have enough, you can always come back and stake more IPAD.

Once you have staked your IPAD you will see your iPower in your portfolio section.

IPAD holders are divided into tiers depending on the amount of their iPower. 1 IPAD is equal to 1 iPOWER and providing Liquidity (IPAD-BUSD) grants 3x iPOWER for each IPAD in the LP.

Below is the list of tiers depending on their iPower :

Higher Tier offers you higher no. of tickets. The maximum no. of tickets a tier can get depends on the project and the total raise of SHO. Check the results section of each project to know the maximum no. of tickets a tier can get. Usually the lowest tier can get maximum 1 ticket and the highest tier can get you as many as 12 tickets.

Note : There is no timeframe factor in Infinity Pad, meaning you can stake or unstake IPAD anytime you want but if you want to participate in IPAD SHOs, make sure you stake IPAD and participate before the SHO registration ends.

After you have completed all the above steps, you can participate in the SHOs held by our platform. You can access the research page of a project from Home.

Research pages are usually available before project registrations. Spend some time researching the project before investing in it. Click on “Participate” to access the research page and the available rounds

Once registrations are open, click on the “Participate” for the SHO you wish to join

You will get to the wallet scan page and will be able to see if you comply with all steps before it will let you in for registration.

Again make sure you’ve completed the following steps :

  • You’re logged in
  • Your wallet is connected to the platform
  • You have completed KYC
  • IPAD SHO : You have enough IPAD Staked / PUBLIC SHO : You have minimum $500 worth of EVM assets

Once the wallet scan is complete, Click on “Participate

After that, you will be directed to sign the terms and conditions (SAFT). Once you accept the T/C, you will get a congratulatory message stating that you have successfully registered for that particular SHO.

Note : This step should be disregarded in case of IPAD SHOs.

Users can increase their score to win bigger allocations. A detailed distribution of score points earned is made available in the congratulatory page.

  1. Referral Boost : Share referral links and complete referral milestones to unlock higher winning potential. The referral bonus applies both to those who referred as well as to those who got referred.
  2. Twitter follow : Users get additional score points for following twitter handles of the project as well as Infinity Pad.
  3. Partner Token : Every partner token that a user holds or stakes provides additional score points compared to other tokens.
  4. Wallet score : The total value of all crypto assets stored in the user’s EVM-connected wallet. Tokens worth $10,000 in your wallet or stake/farms provide 10 score points.

Once the registrations for the SHOs are closed, we will run a lottery, and participants will have a certain amount of chance to be picked. People in the upper Tranches (IPAD SHO) / Higher Score (PUBLIC SHO) will get a higher chance to win an allocation. The chances will be linearly adjusted and will depend on the final number of participants and available allocation spots. Once the winners are extracted, they will be displayed on our platform and contacted via email.

For IPAD SHOs: After winning an IPAD SHO, users usually have 24 hours to contribute their BUSD. Go to the project’s research section, and you will be able to see a Contribute button. Click on it and approve the transactions and you are good to go.

For PUBLIC SHOs: After winning a PUBLIC SHO, users will have 24 hours to contribute BUSD based on First come First Serve basis (FCFS)

Main differentiators:

(For IPAD Stakers only)
-Higher odds of winning.
-Price protection fully applied and refunded allocation in BUSD
-Staked IPADs generate APY
-Low fees (5%)
-No flipper fee

Anyone can join (No staking required)
-Price protection fully applied and refunded allocations in IPAD tokens (in its BUSD value)
-15% fee
-Contribution is FCFS
-Privileged token applies to all partners
-No flipper fee
(Note : $IPAD Stakers & Holders have 3x the weight in This round)

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