One Year In — Pearls of Wisdom from our community

pulling the highlights from our favourite & most popular articles

Turning one in a business is a milestone worthy of celebration. We started InfinityFoundry with a simple goal — to share stories, ideas and resources and build an ecosystem to promote and support the spirit of an entrepreneurial mindset.

To celebrate turning one, we thought it was apt to pause and reflect back upon our year of sharing human and entrepreneurial insights harvested. Enjoy the highlights-reel.

Our ask of you: Tell us what Entrepreneurial Mindset means to you
Many people have a different view of what “Entrepreneurial Mindset” means so we are conducting research to learn myriad views held around the world. For every completed survey, we will be giving the gift of Education of an Orphaned/At-Risk Child in Thailand for one day.

On putting yourself out there & perseverance

Mark Twain once said, “Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Taking a leap of faith starts with courage, but moving on requires true grit.

The lustre of success stories can fool one into thinking that entrepreneurship is easy. “In order to succeed, you need to keep developing your craft and yourself, like athletes develop their sports technique and their willpower.” (Inga Stasiulionyte)

On getting through the tough times

“Never stop dreaming of impossible things. Everything will work out if you dare do something about it. You need to be willing to fail and start over . Each day will bring some new challenge: see that as a new opportunity to learn and grow.” (Anders Roepke)

On being open to listening and pivoting

Running a small crowdfunding experiment taught us an enormous amount. Not least, it was a reinforcement that the more you practise getting out of your comfort zone, the easier it then becomes. The number one learning, which applies to all aspects of the entrepreneurial journey is: listen to your audience and be prepared to change what is not working.

“Always stay humble, always be grateful and always respond, always be open to the outside world spiritual tradition helps you recover from intense fatigue through meditation and reflection.” (Heejung Yim)

“Unity can be achieved by tackling the same goal and sharing the same passion. This is a mentality that goes beyond origins, language and political beliefs.” (Stefan Siarov)

On the importance of team , structure & inspiration

“Individually we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro
Starting a new venture is easy. Problems arise in scaling them into a larger sustainable company. You need to harness the power of people capital, diversity and look at things through a curious lens.

“The lesson I’ve learnt has been the toughest one to accept — and that is the vision we have in our hearts and minds-eye is so often extremely difficult to translate into a global brand.” (Rebecca Fielding)

The Eone team believes in universal, inclusive design: designing for extremes of ability and disability to create superior products and services. (Hyungsoo Kim)

“What inspires me most is seeing groups of people create amazing things together.” (David Anderton)

On curiosity and lifelong learning

“I will never stop learning because I think what I just learnt in college/university is just 1% of what I’m going to learn in life.” (Tony Cueva Bravo)

Curiosity is a critical ingredient in Entrepreneurship. If you need to hone your curiosity, take our free Curiosity Challenge.

Returning to our ask of you: We are on a mission to learn what Entrepreneurial Mindset means to people around the world and would greatly appreciate you completing this 3 minute survey.
Tell us what an Entrepreneurial Mindset means to you.

Through our partnership with B1G1, for every completed survey, we will be giving the gift of Education of an Orphaned/At-Risk Child in Thailand for one day.