Shifting to a clearer you through conscious envisioning

This is in dedication to a new world.

I am in awe, pure gratitude, unconditional love.

I now introduce to you one of my greatest teachers;

Bentinho Massaro

The following is my depiction of a journey he took me on earlier today.
I am incredibly blessed and I am drawn to put this out here for you to tap into.
Take your time and enjoy!

The Eye of the Hurricane

Shifting to a clearer you.

Tune into a place where fear is being triggered in you.
Insecurity, anger, low, slow frequency, contraction.

A place you know well, a place you experience yourself returning to.
We will call this person A.

Now zoom out and see this person A from a slight distance.

You are aware of person A.
You are awareness.

Now see a seeming ‘copy’ emerge from person A; person B.

Person B, however, is free from any attachments.

Person B is exactly your highest vision of yourself.

Feel deeply into;

How is person B responding?

How is person B feeling?

How is person B acting?
Feel how you are person B as much as you are person A.


Now imagine that person A is worried about what others selves think.

How does that feel?

Person B, however, DOES NOT CARE WHATSOEVER; is not stirred or moved or affected by what other selves think.

Person B does not stop flowing, not even for a second, to ask what others think.

How does that feel?

What do you choose?
Imagine your highest vision of yourself, the essense of person B, as

The Eye of the Hurricane.

The versions of yourself that you less prefer, illustrated by person A, is just you being caught up in the hurricane.

It is all perfectly well!

Can you feel how it is all just an opportunity for expansion?

Can you feel that you are never really any of the ‘persons’, but the awareness being aware of your experiences, even when you are not seemingly ‘aware’; awake?

Can you feel that by not believing in the reality of the hurricane, by shifting into your highest, you are lifting the whole collective of this planet?

Be the EYE of the hurricane!

Pay attention!

What version of yourself are you choosing to be?

Ask yourself honestly; what am I tolerating?
You can accept a version of yourself lovingly, accept a pattern of contraction for it’s existence.

Recognize it for what it is — a version of you that you believe to be true when it appears, that you can love to death, expand beyond!

One you can freely drop, never to pick up again, the instance you realize it does not serve you; the instance you become aware that it is not you!

Let’s muster the courage to stop tolerating contraction, choose expansion, freedom, power and love!

To choose the highest, clearest versions of ourselves that we have access to.