Words for shifting into clarity when feeling unclear

I choose to see the challenges and obstacles as the friction I need to grow.

I choose to see the painful feelings as options:

Do I want to keep believing what’s hurting me or do I prefer another belief?

I believe I can shift.

I know I need neither permission or encouragement — I just choose my highest.

I know I am constantly and always absolutely free.

I am not a victim of anyone’s actions, thoughts or beliefs. I can always connect to them and myself through my heart.

I can always find alignment.

I can always lighten up.

I can always choose to see the humor in this.

I can always lift myself.

I have unlimited capacity and always have space for compassion and love for other beings.

I respect others free will, no matter how it manifests, no matter what they choose for themselves.

I respect my free will. I am aware of it and remind myself everytime I remember.

I allow wisdom to flow to me through the challenges — I invite the clarity, I let it fill me.

I feed the empowering thoughts.

I feed the joy.

I feed the thought that leave me full of gratitude.

I feel into gratiude — I create a spiral of thoughts of all the things I am grateful for.

I am grateful for this journey.

I am grateful for this challenge.

I am grateful for not being able to see around the next corner.

I am grateful for my emotions. I am grateful for their guidance, always letting me know if I am in or out of alignment with my essense, my highest truth.

If I am the center of the hurricane or caught up in it.

I know every moment is a new fresh possibility for a tremendous shift, a quantum leap.

I recognise that the clearest response to some situations is silence.

I recognise that active, alive listening is unbiased, and happens beyond the personality-construct.

I recognise the perfection in the friction and emotional responses I experience.

I take full responsibility for my reactions and triggers; I know I have chosen the beliefs that birthed them and I now choose beliefs that truly, deeply resonate.

I know beliefs are not mine and that they are infinte.

I replace all heaviness and lowering, contracting thoughts with high vibe, confidence, expansive beliefs and thoughts.

I turn the negative into the positive. I shift.

I use my imagination and experience the highest scenario imaginable and tune into it;

How would this scenario feel?

How would I look, act and express myself in this scenario?

I tune into it, focus on it, let it grow in me, draw from it even more expansion, even higher perspectives, higher.

All in. All yes.

I become it. I become the feelings of joy and relief.

I empower the light, the positive, the possible, the highest.

I feed it with my awareness of it.

I believe it.

I allow it to wash me over.

I allow it to shift my reality.

I look for it in my reality.

I find it in my reality.

It was there all along.