Remembering that pain is but a catalyst for growth in disguise

Riding that wave into greater expansion of self

This is an opportunity. You have outgrown your old ways. Congratulations!

Your higher self is asking you to take new paths of thought. Open!

Pop open — burst from separation. It is not about your person, you are no person; you are too vast, too infinite to go pretending like that. The challenges are perfect, the struggle is not real.

You are simply to high for the heavy.
It is heavy going around pretending you are a little separate person, when all of you naturally wants to be one with all; when all of what you are naturally wants to embrace, surrender and penetrate all; melt into one love.

You are so done with those thoughts and emotions of fear that they show themselves to you.
Clearly, in your face like: “We are too heavy for your light baby, don’t you see?”
Last breath, barely holding on. They need a loving kiss-goodbye from you. They need a last embrace, an acknowledgement from you; that you are done hanging onto them — that you allowed enough learning — ready to move on up, open.

Can you find the humor in these thoughts? Can you let them feed your excitement? Can you muster a smile? Perhaps a giggle? Can you see how beautiful they are.
They just are — you don’t have to do anything with them, you can let them be, let them be.
Let yourself be.
Let the best be you.
Let the light be you.
Let yourself be that power.

Go pick that juicy, colourful thought! Go explore it.
Let it melt into your reality.

Let the chemistry of blissful thinking carry you, blissful, down the river of blissful being.
You know you are awesome!
You know you are beyond anything imaginable.
You’ve seen your light, you’ve tasted your genius.
You know your love is a ferocious, endless ocean! Leaving no one or nothing unravished by your love.
You know you are wildly brave, forever abundant, fearless.

No matter how low you’ve gone, no matter how painful your reality seemed, no matter how long you’ve tolerated it, you are none of it.
You are truly a blessing. You are such a wonder.
Use the pain to catapult you into love.
In your most miserable, lonely moment, you are as loved as ever.
You are as loved as the Universe is infinite. You are not alone.
You — your tissue, your thoughts, your desire for love and abundance, your dreams, your emotions and your reality is connected to all. Everything.
It’s not even really yours, ’cause who are you if not everything?
Free to roam in a vast universe where everything and anything exists; infinite possibility, infinite potential.


No authority but YOU!

Love, love, LOVE!

No buts, no ifs, no howevers, no conditions, no comparisons.

Anyone, everyone, all beings, all non-beings, all. Including you.
Love you! Please do!
For the sake of all. Because if you do or not doesn’t change the fact that you don’t know anything.

So how can you be so sure you’re not worthy of love?
How can you be so sure you are not enough?

What if it is all just of game of make believe?

Today we play you and me, them and us, here and there.
Tomorrow we’ll be all one.