Why We Created ‘Another’ Project Management Tool

Team Infinity
Nov 6, 2019 · 4 min read

A year ago we launched Infinity.

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We entered a “red ocean” — the project management software niche — a crowded market, against all odds, and almost without anything proprietary, patentable, or particularly unique.

But one thing we do have is a unique passion for an underserved subset of the market.

The market we like to call…

The Visionaries

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Visionaries have a constant flow of ideas and visions of how things should work and they like to build custom systems.

They think about the goal and the next things that come to their mind are:

  • Step 1
  • Step 2
  • Step 3

They need a tool to help them translate this vision into actionable and collaborative work, to connect the dots between strategy and tasks.

A tool to build customizable frameworks and processes.

To have the ability to continuously evolve and expand their thinking.

But currently, they are limited.

Forced to adapt to the systems that other tools define.

Without freedom and flexibility to organize things how they want.

That’s why we created Infinity — to help visionaries design their systems, build workflows and never feel limited in what they can do and achieve.

A place to store any type of information, categorized into a meaningful structure and accessible in only a few clicks.

Here’s how we’re planning to help them achieve this freedom with Infinity.

Ability to organize any type of information

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Most of the project management tools focus on tasks.

But what about other types of information like goals, research, notes, files, links, plans, processes…?

Infinity item is not only a task, but it can also be whatever you want.

We’ve built over 15 custom attributes and you can add/remove them, save them and re-use them, everywhere.

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This gives you the power to organize anything. Any type of data.

Capacity to store and structure data infinitely

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Most tools suck at structure and hierarchy.

In most tools, you have a workspace, projects, and lists.

This is not enough space to organize your whole vision.

In Infinity, your data structure is more like a never-ending growing tree.

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Workspaces > Boards > Folders > Sub-Folders > Tabs > Lists > Items

This structure gives you the space to expand and it removes clutter.

Thousands of data points in one place, accessible in a few clicks, without any chaos and clutter.

It’s the dream.

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Build configurable and customizable workflows

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Every system has a set of rules.

How things work, the input and the output.

In Infinity, everything plays by your rules.

You define what folders are and how they work.

You define what items are with custom attributes.

You set the views: Kanban, Table, List or Calendar.

You set and save filters, group data, sort data, show/hide data.

You build your own custom system, framework, playbook.

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Ideally, visionaries should be able to organize their work however they want because each person and each team functions differently.

In reality, they often feel limited and have to conform to a predefined work structure that doesn’t fully fit their needs.


They need to adapt to a fixed workflow system even though it might not be the best solution for their team.

They need to use several different tools to organize all aspects of their work and build a toolset that would provide a coherent solution.

In the process, they are wasting time and money on handling all these channels, while their team is overwhelmed and often doesn’t have all the necessary information to do their work.

This leads to workflow chaos, lack of motivation and lack of control.


Infinity provides a completely flexible work management solution that allows each user to build their own system that perfectly suits their needs.

This way, our users can customize their work process without limitations and use one tool instead of many.

About Infinity

Infinity is a fully flexible work management platform that allows its users to build their own workflow instead of having to adjust to a limited, predefined system usually found in other tools.

Our lifetime deal is coming up in November! That means you’ll be able to get lifetime access to Infinity at a huge discount — pay once and use it with your team forever.

Learn more about our lifetime deal here.

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