Aug 6 · 2 min read

The Ultimate Crypto Fighting Game! Collect, upgrade, customize and FIGHT!

Infinity Star is a 2D IDLE (and Fighting!) RPG packed with unique, colorful characters to collect, upgrade, and customize as you escape from underground biological lab!


In the future not far away, due to the biological labs that heat up experiment of the living organs, the faint people are forced into the lab and undergo hundreds of life experiments.

In spite that many of these died, various experiments were finally succeeded, and mankind could achieve superpower / mechanization in their human bodies.

Someone adapted to these changes, took advantage on their strengths, and some people wanted freedom rather than these changes. Desperate for freedom, they eventually embarked on a 2828 liberation campaign to gain freedom!

Stunning Animation

You have never seen this carefully hand-drawn 2D animation in any of Crypto Games.

Full RPG progression

  • Grinding, farming, crafting, upgrading, beating over others or Trade items, costumes, and even PC(player character) in the ERC721 market!
  • Level up and Evolve your PC, skill and rune
  • colorize your character and get your unique own.
  • Have no time to play? Never mind, just let it go as IDLE game
  • Build teams of up to 3 Fighters — find the best combination of Psychic Blader, Lancer, Monk and Shooter

Feeling interested? Awesome!

Stay tuned at us and more coming soon!


Welcome to the Infinity Star — Crypto Game, RPG


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Welcome to the infinity star


Welcome to the Infinity Star — Crypto Game, RPG

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