Announcing the Infinicoin Airdrop & Airgrab

Oct 12, 2018 · 3 min read

Today we are really excited to announce the details of the Infinicoin (INF) airdrop & airgrab. Infinicoin is a utility token used to register land and transact on the Infiniverse marketplace. As Infiniverse runs on the EOS blockchain, the community is very important to us, and EOS account holders will have the opportunity to receive free INF via the airdrop & airgrab. The airgrab functionality is live now, but the drop will not take place until the Infiniverse beta is ready, which will be towards the end of this year. Here are the basic details for the grab & drop:

  • Tokens issued by ‘infinicoinio’ EOS account
  • One Billion initial supply.
  • 1 INF : 1 EOS for air grabbers.
  • 0.5 INF : 1 EOS for everyone else with at least 100 EOS.
  • There will be a cap per account.
  • We will only drop to exchanges that list INF.
  • We will not drop to inactive genesis accounts.
  • The snapshot will be the most current available at the time of the drop.


The goals of the Infinicoin airdrop are to raise awareness about Infiniverse, encourage potential users to try out the platform and create a liquid market for INF. With their free coins, EOS account holders will be able to register land and participate in the initial land auction. We will release more details about land registration and the land auction as we approach the beta release. Users that want to register more land or bid on very popular lands, will need to buy more INF from an exchange.

Considering our goals, we decided not to airdrop to exchanges (and other custodian wallet services), as those that keep their EOS on exchanges are less likely to have their own EOS account and be potential users. However, any exchanges that list INF for trading will receive the airdrop, as liquidity is important for the Infiniverse economy. We will also exclude any genesis accounts that have not made a single transaction, as these inactive and lost accounts are very unlikely to become Infiniverse users. In addition, the airdrop will be subject to a cap per account, with the exact cap revealed only after the drop has completed.

How to Airgrab

You can airgrab Infinicoin with Scatter at EOSTOOLKIT.IO or BLOKS.IO. Airgrabbing will reserve the required RAM to store the token on the user’s account. Airgrabbers receive double the amount of INF compared to non-grabbers. The purpose of the bonus is to reward users for reducing our airdrop RAM costs, as well as to give more tokens to users that show active interest in Infiniverse.

Token Code

The Infinicoin contract uses the latest version (1.4.0) of the standard eosio.token contract. You can see the code of our token and all future Infiniverse smart contracts on our github. Those more technically inclined can airgrab using cleos, by pushing the ‘open’ action on the ‘infinicoinio’ account.

Will I profit from holding Infinicoin?

Infinicoin is a pure utility token. It is not designed for speculation or to maximize value. Rather, it is designed to be a stable store of value for the Infiniverse economy. Please do not speculate on Infinicoin, rather buy it if you want to register land or transact on the Infiniverse marketplace. If you wish to earn money with the Infiniverse platform, there are a number of opportunities, but they substantially involve your own effort.

As a result, the supply of INF is not fixed. Infinicoin follows a monetary policy carefully designed to allow for stability of prices in the Infiniverse economy. Its goal is to keep the average prices of land and digital assets on the marketplace steady in terms of Infinicoin. You can read about the monetary policy in detail in our whitepaper. Our next blog post will also cover the monetary policy in depth.

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