How To Earn Infinicoin

Nov 6, 2018 · 3 min read

In our last blog post, we explained the monetary policy of Infinicoin (INF), the virtual currency that powers the Infiniverse economy. We stressed that while INF is not designed for speculation, there are a number of opportunities available to earn Infinicoin by contributing to the Infiniverse economy. In this article, we will introduce the main methods that will be available to users for earning INF.

Trade Your Digital Assets

Artists, developers, musicians and other content creators can sell their creations on the Infiniverse marketplace, in exchange for Infinicoin, with no commissions. Assets sold on the marketplace can also be marked as unique, allowing users to trade digital collectibles. Unlike in most other virtual worlds and games, users can bring their digital assets into the real world with augmented reality, making them feel much more lifelike and potentially valuable.

Rent & Sell Your Land

Early adopters have the opportunity to register land throughout the world before other users. As the Infiniverse user base grows, newer users may demand land in high-traffic areas, such as central locations in big cities, in order to increase exposure to their content. Users that register these land plots will be able to earn Infinicoin by selling or renting out their land.

Create Premium Content

While persistent content found on land can and often will be free to see and experience, users also have the ability to place premium content — that is, content that must be unlocked with a micro-transaction of INF. For example, an artist could create a digital exhibition, making a basic version free and then requiring users to pay to unlock the full experience.

Do Jobs For Other Users

Users can post jobs on a board, for other users to complete in the world, in exchange for Infinicoin. For example, users could be paid to attach ads to themselves and walk around in high-traffic areas, as a potentially cheaper alternative to placing persistent ads on land.

Start a Virtual Business

Entrepreneurs will even be able to create virtual businesses that exist in Infiniverse. Using our upcoming SDK, you can create a digital store, place it on some land location with high foot-traffic, and sell your digital, or even real goods in exchange for INF. For example, a musician could even create an animated virtual model of themselves, that walks around and plays their music, asking for tips and selling their albums.


We hope that this overview gives you an idea of how the Infiniverse economy works and how you can start earning Infinicoin. Thanks to the blockchain, there are no intermediaries involved, and users have full control of and immediate access to their INF earnings. However, please keep in mind that Infiniverse is still in early stages of development and as with any innovative idea, there is a high-level of risk involved.

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