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With this very first blog post we would like to give our readers a brief introduction to the Infiniverse ecosystem which is currently in development and scheduled for a public beta release in Q4 2018. This will be the first in a series of blog posts in which we welcome and inform our new community members about what Infiniverse aims to offer in the near future and how we are planning to achieve our ambitions.

Augmenting the world

Infiniverse is an augmented reality (AR) digital world running on the blockchain. Unlike in virtual reality (VR) based digital worlds, in Infiniverse virtual content is overlaid on top of the real world, using a smartphone or smart glasses. This allows users to remain connected to the real world and other people around them, while simultaneously experiencing digital content. Infiniverse will facilitate the registry of land, the distribution of digital content and provide users with a marketplace to exchange their digital assets.

Our vision is to create a rich parallel universe that AR content consumers can seamlessly switch into and a thriving virtual economy which allows content creators to create real economic value while keeping all the proceeds. Infiniverse enables people to create custom 3D experiences and assets inside an immersive augmented environment that is persistently connected to our real world. This means that whenever a user decides to create or place digital content at a specific location, other users will be able to see and interact with that content at that location.

Infiniverse lets you discover the world in a brand-new way, by giving you the opportunity to create anything you can imagine and generate completely new types of revenue streams in a virtual world.

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While AR-technology is still maturing, the Infiniverse digital layer can primarily be accessed using a mobile application. Initially, the platform runs on iOS and Android devices which support AR frameworks with positional tracking, such as ARKit and ARCore. By using your mobile device’s camera to scan your environment and your GNSS sensor to determine your geographic location, Infiniverse will provide you with real-time visuals of its augmented layer that is placed on top of the real world around you.

Through your phone, you are able to see and interact with other users and the 3D experiences that you and they have created. In the future, support will be extended to smart glasses such as Microsoft HoloLens, Magic Leap and Meta, when these devices are more mature and widespread, appropriate for outdoor use and include GNSS chips for geographic location tracking.

Decentralized, immutable & transparent ownership of digital assets

In order to determine ownership of land and assets inside the digital realm, Infiniverse utilizes the processing power, storage and transparency of the most powerful blockchain in the world to date: EOS.IO. Infiniverse has its own economy and virtual currency: Infinicoin, an EOS token. Infinicoin is used to register land and make transactions on the marketplace. The marketplace allows users to sell their creations, trade unique items, and buy and rent virtual land, all without percentage-based commissions.

The blockchain gives users full control and security over their virtual currency, land ownership and assets, while content is duplicated and distributed across the IPFS network. We believe that decentralized, immutable and transparent ownership registration on a high performance blockchain, such as EOS, is crucial for our augmented reality platform to be successful. It gives users true ownership over their digital assets, independent from any central authority which could decide at any moment to shut down its servers.

For a more detailed look at the technology behind Infiniverse, we encourage you to read our whitepaper.


The Infiniverse adventure began in July 2017, when the idea was first formulated. Infiniverse, Inc. was incorporated in January 2018, in the US state of Delaware. Significant progress had already been made, leading to the establishment of a collaboration deal with Samsung Next in February 2018. We worked directly with them for three months, helping them build WhARe, their AR cloud product. Infiniverse received $50,000 from Samsung Next for our efforts, as well as a perpetual license to WhARe. We continue to maintain a close relationship.

Infiniverse is supported by Samsung Next

Furthermore, we were one of eight startups that were selected among 241 applications, to be invited to pitch on the 31st of May at the Augmented Reality World Expo 2018 in Santa Clara, California. In one of our upcoming blogs we will publish the video recording of the presentation.

We just revealed our public website and in the upcoming months we aim to grow awareness about Infiniverse, especially among potential users, AR enthusiasts and investors, and will continue expanding our technology. A private alpha is already available for potential investors and supporters, with the public beta release scheduled for Q4 2018, along with an airdrop of Infinicoin to EOS owners. We will publish a more detailed look at our roadmap in a future blog post.

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