Stay Away from Mega Influencers

Brooke MacArthur
Jan 5 · 2 min read

Micro-influencers possess an uncanny ability to attract high engagement rates while remaining low-budget and easy for brands to manage.

On average, these stellar influential figures (with 30,000 followers or less) have three key components attributing to their notoriety:

  • 60% higher engagement rates
  • 6.7x more cost-effective per engagement than macro-influencers
  • Driving 22.2x more conversation that the average consumer

Note: these statistics are credited to The Startup, in which they narrow their scope to Instagram.

An underlying notion of a micro-influencer’s desire to develop a deep knowledge and understanding of their niche and audience is evident in how present they are on their social profiles. They are willing to engage endlessly with their followers and present content in its most authentic way so as to garner trust and further engagement.

However, finding micro-influencers that fit your company’s brand and represent a voice that fits your own is difficult. Here are a few tips your business needs to utilize if the integration of micro-influencer marketing is in your future:

1. Often times, the best fit is already following you.

Go through your business’s list of followers and pay attention to those accounts who possess the range of both followers and engagement you’re aiming for. Spend less time with general searches and go straight for those figures that already take a personal interest in your product and engage with your content. The result may be a smooth collaboration and genuine content creation.

2. Use specific hashtags and/or geographic location.

This tip is pivotal for local brands especially. If your main audience is your immediate community or city, it pays off best to search for micro-influencers who are both accessible to meet with if needed and possibly familiar faces within the community already.

3. Take notes from your competitors.

If you’re really pressed for time and have minimal resources, check out which influencers are working with similar companies to yours. Odds are, those influencers will be willing to promote your products as well because your brand’s niche already aligns with theirs. It may not be the most original way to kick off a marketing campaign, but every brand has to start somewhere and the best way is to go with low-risk influencers.

At influenc, we recognize the stress involved in the difficult task of sorting through millions of accounts for those few ideal micro-influencers. Our priority is to streamline and automate your search process; whether it be by follower count, niche, location, and more, our platform holds all available influencers joined on our website who are ready to collaborate for marketing opportunities.

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