The Secret to a Perfect Instagram Story

Brooke MacArthur
Nov 28, 2019 · 2 min read

The aesthetics of your Instagram story are paramount to connecting with your followers. Understanding the appealing aspects of your story explains why your audience may be responding so well (or not so well) to your content. Of the approximate 500 million daily active Instastory users, 58% of viewers have shown increased interest in a brand if they are drawn to their features shown on their story.

There are various calculated elements incorporated into a creatively “successful”, or well-engaged, Instagram story. In the conversation of a brand’s holistic approach to their social media platforms, planning behind-the-scenes may look a lot like:

  • Creating mood boards to capture the desired tone (e.g. Images for inspiration, color wheels, relevant phrases)
  • Caption templates for branded posts
  • Sub-themes for different types of stories (e.g. Day in the Life, Behind the Scenes, Spotlights)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to developing a company's social media presence. However loosely-creative and personalized the decisions may be, the promotional aspects of social media should not be taken lightly.

Grabbing a viewer’s attention requires three immediate factors:

  1. Dynamic and High-Quality Visuals

Dynamic content involves more than just a moving image or video. Dynamic content, best formulated in high resolution, incorporates vivid colors and text. There can be a layering or contrasting effect between text and background. The goal for visual content is to evoke genuine interest in the audience before the message is delivered.

2. Concise Language

Concise language in Stories points to clear explanations of why the message is important. An explicit call-to-action gives direction and is incredibly beneficial to the story’s performance as viewers find it easier to buy into the product or believe the information.

3. Clear Branding

This factor is easily dismissed. When a viewer comes across your Story, it is more likely than not that they are “just scrolling” through. For the majority, immediately seeing the tag or logo of a brand is an effective method of drawing your audience in and orienting them as your audience. Additionally, when your social media team has decided on a style of tone and color palette, it makes it easy for your passive audience to stop swiping and listen to your message.

Instagram has paved the way for visual marketing; it offers a free, accessible space for brands and their audience to interact. Stories are an exceptional tool because they do not fight within the same constraints of posting algorithms to appear on a person’s feed. It may just be a few short seconds, but your story’s ability to convert newcomers into customers is worth the time and attention to detail.

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