The 50 Top Kubernetes Influencers

Kubernetes is one of the most rapidly growing open source projects today. Who are the most influential people talking about Kubernetes?

We use the tool Little Bird to do this analysis. This is #3 in our series of influencer research lists (see VMware, Google Cloud).


This isn’t a list of who we think you should follow. They’re all good people, Brant, but there are a lot of smart people talking about Kubernetes. The influencers are ranked by how many other people follow them on Twitter from this bootstrapped influencer network of 964. The tweets from these folks will be seen by the most others in this network. (The number of network followers goes from 397 for #1 on this list down to 63 for the last two.)

This list is not definitive. We ran a similar analysis in November; 38 of the top 50 on that list were present on the March list; ranks were similar but not identical. The November following network itself was smaller and could be divided into subclusters that could often be identified with vendors; the March network is larger and more homogenous.

Not all members of the list would be considered Kubernetes experts, although they are followed by other members of the network. Simon Wardley at #31, who was not present in the November analysis, is an example.

The list contains only 5 women in the top 50. The methodology used by Little Bird is based on patterns of Twitter following. While we have concerns that publishing these lists perpetuate existing biased patterns of attention and authority, we decided to publish them. We are investigating new algorithms that take into account more than following patterns. In the meantime, we encourage people to follow a diverse set of interesting people outside this list. Your feed will be better for it.

Top Kubernetes Influencers

  1. Kelsey Hightower. @kelseyhightower. Minimalist. Kubernetes. Go.
  2. Solomon Hykes. @solomonstre. Hacker & entrepreneur. Founder of Docker, formerly known as Dotcloud.
  3. Brandon Philips. @BrandonPhilips. CTO @CoreOS, makers of @TectonicStack and @Quayio. Interests in distributed systems, open source, #kubernetes, containers. @CoreOS is hiring. he/him
  4. Brendan Burns. @brendandburns. Software developer. Runner, cyclist and fan of curries and beer.
  5. Mitchell Hashimoto. @mitchellh. Founder of @HashiCorp. Creator of Vagrant, Packer, Serf, Consul, Terraform, Vault, and Nomad. Lover of open source. Automation-obsessed developer.
  6. Joe Beda. @jbeda. Founder and CTO @heptio. Started GCE, #Kubernetes, GKE, @SPIFFEio. Advisor to @SplitSoftware, @beshippable. Xoogler.
  7. Joseph Jacks. @asynchio. EIR at @QuantumCorp. Started @Kismatic (the (original) @KubernetesIO company, acq. by @Apprenda). Founder of @KubeCon_ (the Kubernetes conference). Curious.
  8. Tim Hockin. @thockin. Senior Staff SW Eng, Google Cloud & Cluster Infrastructure.
  9. Alex Polvi. @polvi. CEO @CoreOS. Board Member, @letsencrypt, @cloudnativefdn, @coitsf. he/him
  10. Jérôme Petazzoni. @jpetazzo. I have four words for you: containers, containers, containers, containers. All opinions expressed here are my own. jerome at docker dot com.
  11. Craig McLuckie. @cmcluck. Startup guy. nuCompute: Containers, Clusters, Kubernetes, Micro-services. Opinions are my own.
  12. Gabriel Monroy. @gabrtv. Distributed systems test pilot. CTO at @opendeis, The #Kubernetes Company.
  13. Ben Golub. @golubbe. CEO of Docker, Inc. — an open platform to build, ship, and run distributed applications. Former CEO of Gluster. Former CEO Plaxo.
  14. Sarah Novotny. @sarahnovotny. generally pleasant person seeking to learn new things wherever i can. #k8s community @google. these are my views alone.
  15. David Aronchick. @aronchick. Current: Containers? Containers. Containers! Previously: Three time co-founder and former CEO. There is many a worse and more elaborate life.
  16. Patrick Reilly. @preillyme. @cisco, Office of the CTO, @ciscocloud Helping you build your business in the #Cloud.
  17. Michelle Noorali. @michellenoorali. Developer @opendeis on @HelmPack \\ Co-lead Kubernetes SIG-Apps \\ Overly frequent user of slack reaction emojis
  18. Brian Ketelsen. @bketelsen. Go and Kubernetes trainer/educator @gopheracademy Listen: @gotimefm. Attend: @gophercon Known by some as The Go Whisperer
  19. Eric Brewer. @eric_brewer. VP, Infrastructure at Google Professor, UC Berkeley
  20. Sebastien Goasguen. @sebgoa. Open Source lover #kubernetes #docker#ASF O’Reilly Docker cookbook author. Founder of Skippbox now @bitnami
  21. Ray Tsang. @saturnism. @GoogleCloud Developer Advocate. Loves #Java, @Firebase. Creator of @JDeferred. Backpacker, snowboarder, adventurist, photographer.
  22. Armon Dadgar. @armon. Co-founder of @hashicorp. Passionate about technology and startups. I love to build things.
  23. Thorsten Heller. @ThoHeller. #CEO, Co-#Founder & Chief-#Geek at @greenbirdIT. Thoughts on #IoT, #BigData, #DataScience, #AI, #Microservices, #Containers, #Docker, #Cloud & #Startups.
  24. Ivan Pedrazas. @ipedrazas. More Dev than Ops. @kubecast co-host, a podcast about kubernetes, containers and schedulers. In love with APIs, Python, Go and maybe Javascript.
  25. Brian Gracely. @bgracely. Red Hat @openshift — Enterprise Kubernetes | Technology Troubadour | Co-Host @thecloudcastnet & @serverlesscast | Pitmaster @OinkBBQNC
  26. Chris Gaun. @Chris_Gaun. Physics nerd turned tech geek rocking @Apprenda & @Kubernetesio. Gartner cloud analyst alumnus. D&D 5e Dungeon Master.
  27. Diane Mueller. @pythondj. Director, Community Development for @OpenShift Origin, Red Hat’s Enterprise-ready Kubernetes for Developers, @OpenShiftCommon #OpenSourcealways wins
  28. Michael Hausenblas. @mhausenblas. Developer Advocate at Red Hat | Using OpenShift and Kubernetes for fun & profit | Austrian in Ireland, married with three kids.
  29. Mandy Waite. @tekgrrl. Mandy works at Google where she’s working to make the world a better place for developers building applications in the Cloud. Studying Japanese and Physics
  30. Justin Garrison. @rothgar. Linux wrangler and render farmer at @DisneyAnimation All opinions are belong to me
  31. Simon Wardley. @swardley. I like ducks, they’re fowl but not through choice. Corporate cartographer, chaotic evil, destroyer of undeserved value. RT ≠ +1
  32. Rob Hirschfeld. @zehicle. Human as a Service. CEO RackN (@rackngo) for Open Hybrid Infrastructure, Kubernetes Cluster Ops SIG Co-Chair, Former OpenStack board member. @DigitalRebar
  33. Lachlan Evenson. @LachlanEvenson. Cloud builder
  34. James Strachan. @jstrachan. OSS developer who created Groovy & Apache Camel. Works on a development platform for kubernetes: and
  35. Ben Hall. @Ben_Hall. Building , an online learning platform for software engineers, focusing on #cloudnative, #docker and #kubernetes. @teamKatacoda
  36. Ian Lewis. @IanMLewis. Developer Advocate @Google for @GoogleCloud covering APAC. Vice Chair for @PyConJ. Sometimes tweets in Japanese. #python #golang #kubernetes#atheist #progrock
  37. Luke Marsden. @lmarsden. Hacker. Occasional entrepreneur. DX at @weaveworks.
  38. Rimas Mocevicius. @Rimusz. Cloud computing, containers, Kubernetes, Helm co-creator, CoreOS Essentials book author. Ops @clearbit
  39. Carter Morgan. @_askcarter. Google. Standup Comedy. USAF. Kubernetes Course: . Kubernetes Talk: . Comment on the pinned tweet!
  40. Victor Vieux. @vieux. code engineer @docker / / @dockercon, @gophercon & @mesosconspeaker
  41. Ross Kukulinski. @rosskukulinski. Engineer, speaker, & entrepreneur. O’Reilly Author. #nodejs, #docker, #kubernetes, #coreos. Carnegie Mellon. Accepting new consulting/contract opportunities
  42. Chen Goldberg. @GoldbergChen. Tweets are my own
  43. Brian Harrington. @brianredbeard. hack on CoreOS / open sourcing everything. gentleman deviant, ex-president of hacdc, all around jerk.
  44. Milos Gajdos. @milosgajdos. Dev El Ops. (Go|Elixir|R)lang. Containers , Machine Learning , Kubernetes London, @kubecast co-host
  45. Paul Morie. @cheddarmint. Know-nothing with internet access. Working on @kubernetesio and @openshift at @redhat. SETENFORCE 1
  46. Silvia K. Spiva. @silviakspiva. Cisco #DEVNET Community Manager. Mes tweets n’engagent que moi.
  47. Lucas Käldström. @kubernetesonarm. Kubernetes maintainer, interested in emerging technologies, maths and football. Really loves open source and the possiblilities it opens.
  48. Martin Buhr. @TallMartin. Product Manager Google Cloud Platform
  49. Kit Merker. @KitMerker. Trying to make software work better because (let’s face it) our lives depend on it. VP BizDev at @JFrog.
  50. Michael Goodness. @opsgoodness. Cloud native, Kubernaut & Promethean @tmtech; DevOps Days Madison co-organizer; Milwaukee Brewers fan; ketogenic dieter; political progressive
  51. Sandeep Dinesh. @SandeepDinesh. Developer Advocate @GoogleCloud. Microservices, Node.js/Go/PHP/Python, #FullStack, Containers, IoT, #buzzwords. Car Enthusiast, Gamer, Gym Rat, Entrepreneur

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