The Top 50 Google Cloud Influencers

Who are the influencers of note in Google Cloud? Mostly (but not all!) people who work at Google for now.

As in our first report on VMware influencers, this is an algorithmic list based on Twitter. We ran a Little Bird analysis with a topic seed of Google Cloud. Little Bird iteratively builds a network from people who mention Google Cloud in their bios, and then bootstraps that network around them by pulling in people they follow. It then ranks members by the number of followers they have within that network as a proxy for authority within the network. (In other words, someone with a lot of followers in the network ranks higher even if another person has more overall followers.) We remove the branded accounts and just take the people on that ranking for this list.

A few observations:

  • The Top 50 list consists of many people who work (or worked) for Google, mostly in Developer Relations/Advocacy. (Google Developer Experts are members of an advocacy program external to Google.) This is unlike, for instance, our analysis of VMware and (unpublished) analyses of Microsoft Azure, AWS, Docker, or projects like Kubernetes and Apache Kafka. This implies that there are not big GCP external experts or influencers (or people who claim to be GCP experts or influencers 😀) that the GCP crowd tends to follow.
  • Google Cloud Platform is made up of many components and offerings, however, so perhaps this analysis of “Google Cloud” is slightly unfair. Our analysis of Kubernetes, for instance, shows a very diverse ecosystem of vendors and open source contributors in the network. Kubernetes powers Google Container Engine; this is repeated from many of Google Cloud’s services, which makes the entire Google influencer ecosystem far richer than this one list.
  • Unlike our VMware analysis, this Google Cloud network has more than zero women in the top 50, with two in the top 10.

Top Google Cloud Influencers

  1. Greg Wilson. @gregsramblings. Head of Google Cloud Developer Relations
  2. William Vanbenepe. @vambenepe. Lead Product Manager for Big Data on Google Cloud Platform
  3. Felipe Hoffa. @felipehoffa. Developer Advocate @Google. Originally from Chile, now in San Francisco and around the world. #BigQuery #bigdata#opendata #turtles.
  4. Julia Ferraioli. @juliaferraioli. Software engineer @ Google. Feminist. ML junkie. Armchair archaeologist. Opinions my own, not of anyone who’s paying me. Proud alumna of @brynmawrcollege in CS.
  5. Mandy Waite. @tekgrrl. Mandy works at Google where she’s working to make the world a better place for developers building applications in the Cloud. Studying Japanese and Physics
  6. Francesc Campoy. @francesc. Señor Developer Advocate for @GoogleCloud, Gopher, Catalan, Gaygler — perennial learner of things One half of @GCPPodcast One full of @justforfunc
  7. Brian Stevens. @addvin. VP Cloud Platforms at Google. Former Red Hat EVP & CTO, RPI and UNH alumn, marathoner, ironman, aspiring ADK MT 46er. Boards for @Pentaho and @DataGravityInc.
  8. Tino Tereshko. @thetinot. Big Data Lead at Google Cloud Office of CTO. All views are my own. Buzzwords, whiskey, and cats. Husband to @EmilyVajda, an artist and a novelist.
  9. Greg DeMichillie. @gregde. Director of PM — Google Cloud CTO Office, ex-Microsoft, Traveller, Photographer, Dog owner, wine enthusiast, tech geek.
  10. Brian Dorsey. @briandorsey. Information, databases, distributed systems and glue code. Go, Python, SQL, NoSQL, Japanese, lunch! Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform.
  11. Mark Mandel. @Neurotic. Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. Polyglot FTW, especially FP.#Gamedev ∩ Infrastructure. One half of @GCPPodcast and @2dduPodcast
  12. Miles Ward. @milesward. Google/Ex-AWS,VT,RT/Funk Engine/Jonny Sonic Tuba/B.S. in BS/Seattlite-SantaBARBARIAN
  13. Alexis Moussine-Pouchkine. @alexismp. Google Cloud Developer Relations
  14. Sarah Robinson. @SRobTweets. Developer Advocate for @googlecloud. Connoisseur of code, country music, and all things Harry Potter.
  15. Aja Hammerly. @the_thagomizer. Rubyist and Lazy DevOps Dork. Also Poly, Queer, Dinosaur. Cloud Developer Advocate @ Google. Disclaimer: My opinions are my own. *RAWR*
  16. Sandeep Dinesh. @SandeepDinesh. Developer Advocate @GoogleCloud. Microservices, Node.js/Go/PHP/Python, #FullStack, Containers, IoT, #buzzwords. Car Enthusiast, Gamer, Gym Rat, Entrepreneur
  17. Robert Kubis. @hostirosti. @GoogleCloud Developer Advocate, Do-it mentality, Enthusiast. Enjoying #techtrends, #food, #travel, all kinds of outdoor activities, flying. Views are my own.
  18. Brad Abrams. @brada. Champion of the Obvious
  19. Jen Tong. @MimmingCodes. I help people cause trouble with code.
  20. Paul Newson. @newsons_nybbles. Software Engineer, Technical Storyteller, Rock Climber, Motorcyclist, Pilot, Father. My words are my own, not my current, past, or future employers.
  21. Tim Hockin. @thockin. Senior Staff SW Eng, Google Cloud & Cluster Infrastructure.
  22. Jo Maitland. @JoMaitlandSF. Google Cloud Blogs & Social Lead
  23. Dan Circuli. @DanCiruli. Product Manager at Google working on APIs and Google Cloud Endpoints. But this ain’t their feed; it’s mine.
  24. Evan Brown. @evandbrown. Open source engineering at Google. Cloud cloud cloud. #blacklivesmatter
  25. James Tamplin. @JamesTamplin. Co-founder @Firebase. Perpetual Optimist.
  26. Martin Buhr. @TallMartin. Product Manager Google Cloud Platform
  27. Amy Jo. @amygdala. over-educated computer geek… easily amused. Cloud platform developer relations @ Google.
  28. Graham Polley. @polleyg. I solve/make problems using software. I’m also a Google Developer Expert for that cloud thing that everyone is taking about. Work @shinebytes #bigquery
  29. Jay Judkowitz. @Jay_Judkowitz. Google Cloud Platform PM. Proud father. Terrible hockey player.
  30. Navneet Joneja. @njoneja. Tinkerer, amateur musician, dad, Product for Cloud Compute (GAE, GCE, GKE) @ Google. Views expressed are my own.
  31. Yufeng Guo. @yufengg. Developer and Advocate for Google Cloud Platform. XC+Track. Violinist. Opinions are solely my own.
  32. Andrew Milo. @miloandrewgmail. I’m Feeling Lucky as a Cloud Platform Googler, helping companies Run Like Google and #BuildWhatsNext . Husband, Papa, brother, son. Fan of BBQ and on-switches.
  33. Bill Prin. @waprin_io. @googlecloud DevRel. Cloud, Python, Java, Apps, Infrastructure, Data stuff. Also like electronic music and excessive sarcasm.
  34. Ken Schutt. @originalkj. Cloud & startup guy at Google…
  35. Andrew Jessup. @whenfalse. Go and the cloud at Google. Cracking puns. Appalling dancing.
  36. Les Vogel. @lesv. Google Cloud Developer Relations (DPE)
  37. Justin Beckwith. @JustinBeckwith. Web & cloud guy @google. JavaScript and ukuleles like all day long. Yinzer. Maker. @nodejs foundation board member. Pizza salad lover. Opinions all mine.
  38. Alicia Williams. @presactlyalicia
  39. Quentin Hardy. @qhardy. Former: Deputy Tech Editor, The New York Times. Now: Head of Editorial, Google Cloud. The pizza thing holds.
  40. Sherol Chen. @ffpaladin. Developer Advocate for Google Cloud Platforms.
  41. Melody Meckfessel. @mmeckf. Engineering Director on Google’s Cloud Platform, travel junkie, proprietor @PoundstoneWines, women in tech advocate, adventure seeker
  42. Eric Johnson. @erjohnso. Making Google Cloud Platform moar awesome with Open Source
  43. Bastian Legras. @bastienlegras. Cloud platform solution engineer @ Google
  44. Steve Cellini. @randomthinking. Technology, Cloud, Database, Hacking, IoT Now at: Google, Developer Advocacy for Google Cloud Platform.
  45. Frances Perry. @francesjperry. Big Data enthusiast • Batch or Streaming — Why not both? • @apachebeamcommitter • Software Engineer on Google Cloud Dataflow • Opinions are my own
  46. Andrew Lee. @startupandrew. Slowly taking over the world as cofounder of @Firebase
  47. Didier Girard. @DidierGirard. Cloud Rider — VP Engineering @Sfeir — GDE @Google
  48. Dmitry Nefedkin. @dnefedkin. Strategic Customers Engineer at Google Cloud. Architecture, devops, IT infrastructure & more
  49. Vish Agashe. @VishAgashe. BigData, Analytics, Leadership, Cloud, SocialMedia, Mentoring , SelfHelp All views expressed are mine and not that of my employer.
  50. Nacho Coloma. @nachocoloma. I do things combining web, cloud and chewing gum. CE for Cloud Platform at Google. Co-organizer @codemotion_es

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[Updated 3/17 to emphasize that the list isn’t 100% Googlers or ex-Googlers and to clarify the algorithm.]