How Instagram influencers set their prices

We’ve asked several influencers about how they set their prices for sponsored posts. There is no single formula, different kinds of bloggers use different approaches. We will highlight the top 4.

By Anna Komok


Celebrities post price doesn’t depend neither on followers count, nor on engagement rate. It mostly depends on popularity.

Cara Delevingne has 41 million followers on Instagram and gets ~$150,000 per sponsored post.

Top model and actress Cara Delevingne @caradelevingne

The approximate price of a sponsored post on celebrities Instagram — $3.5–$4.5 per 1000 followers.


Another category with exaggerated rates — models. They also don’t take any metrics into account and set the price according to a shooting hour price.

If they get $500 for one hour, then the price of a sponsored post will be the same.

Model Julia Lescova @julialescova

Cost Per Content

Cost per Content pricing model is used by professional photographers, filmmakers and influencers with stunning visual content.

There are many advertisers who pay for content only and that price is usually higher than average.

Armando Ferreira is a professional filmmaker, he posts quality videos about filmmaking, tech, and gear. His rates for a video or a sponsored post on Instagram are higher than average.

Brands who work with Armando get high-quality content that can be used on their website or for ads on different platforms.

Filmmaker Armando Ferreira @mondonbytes

Cost Per Thousand

The most common pricing model among influencers — pay-per-follower. Average price for a sponsored post is usually anywhere from $5-$10 per 1000 followers. If an influencer has a good engagement rate the price could be $10 and over for 1000 followers.

For instance, if an influencer has 5000 followers, then the price would be $25–$50, 100 000 followers — $500–$1000.

If an influencer asks for a significantly smaller price, check their followers quality. Maybe they use bots to boost the followers count.