Giving Influencers In Charge of @InfluencerCreation

Shawn Keo
Influencer Creation
2 min readDec 14, 2020


One Influence at a Time

Every week, Influencer Creation will choose a new Influencer to publish their story.

A new influencer will take over the platform every week.

Telling their story, their purpose from nobody else but their own voice.

Photo by Bacila Vlad

The term Influencers. according to Influencer Creation, means REAL PEOPLE WITH INFLUENCE, featuring all people in various niche including photography, health/wellness, and lifestyle.

This goes out to all Influencers, Artists, Public Speakers, Photographers, Content Creators, Bloggers/Authors — Reach out to a chance to get featured. #influencercreation

Who can participate?

Anyone that Influencer Creation feels are a great fit to promote their work of art, photography, or creations. Or any public figures who wants to tell their story, their experiences, especially the journey of how far they’ve come to become who they are now.

The soul purpose to share, inspire, and connect.

Why to do this in 2021?

Influencer Creation aims to put real influencers in a well-deserved spotlight because 1)to differentiate them from the crowd of meaningless social media engagement 2) strengthen the community to build outreach and give them more exposure. 3)Influencers’ content these days are clustered and saturated resulting in challenges for brands to find genuine collaboration.

Getting to know real people with influence is the platform’s vision. Influencer Creation wish to accomplish that by letting them take over the platform for a week on Instagram so that they can reveal what they want the community to know.



Influencer Creation wants to create a place where influencers can create meaningful connections and distribute the right information, inspiration, and influence to everyone.

Influencer Creation is a media publication with influencers listed on TDA top digital agency.