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Entertainment Director: Mason Quince

“The Entertainment Director is responsible for keeping ennui at bay aboard the Arvad. In addition to holding up a mirror to society, he works closely with the Chief Archivist and the Provost to make sure no great works of humanity are lost to obscurity.”

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The Entertainment Director might not, at first glance, seem like a very serious position, and the current one, Mason Quince, might not look like a very serious man. His short-cropped hair and his enormous beard give him the look of having his head on upside down. He often wears a custom jacket and a red woolen vest over his bare chest, to better show off his chest and neck tattoos. To complete the look, he even had extra buttons from his jacket turned into oversized earrings. His style is distinctly haphazard and harlequin.

But Mason is actually a very serious and professional man; it’s just that he’s dedicated his professional life to surprising and entertaining people. It’s not enough, in his opinion, to merely bring all the libraries of Earth along on the voyage if no one takes the time to experience them. Art is not a static thing. It’s not as simple as data, text, or the visual and the audio. Art is a thing alive. Songs must be sung, not just heard. Poetry spoken aloud, not just read. Scripts are dead things until humans perform them, and make them alive again.

Mason’s whole life is dedicated to this goal: to make art alive. Turn passive passengers into an active audience.

He also enjoys a somewhat privileged position among the politics of the Prime Council. With his reputation as a harmless jokester, he can get away with saying things that no one else would be able to. Of course, it’s just a facade for him, and he’s actually among the savviest of all the Department Heads. He’s “wise enough to play the fool”, as the Bard once said…and no one on the Arvad knows his Shakespeare better than Mason Quince.

Written by: Matthew A DeBarth


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A space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt, built on Ethereum, and scaled on StarkNet.

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Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj is the Head of Community and Partnerships for Unstoppable Games, helping bring to life Influence, a space strategy MMO built on the blockchain.

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