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Influence 2021 — A Look Back

It can be crazy to think less than 12 months ago Influence made its first public debut, it seems as if it was so long ago, yet it passed with the blink of an eye.

First, we want to give a massive thank you to everyone who has supported us throughout this journey in creating Influence. We could not have done it without you. Community is at the core of every decision we make while striving to create an epic space strategy MMO.

12 Team Members: From a closet passion project to a team of twelve

This year the team went from Chris Lexmond, founder of Influence, and Jean-Paul Faraj working together to create the first beta client release in early April, to seven full-time employees and five contractors that are all working to get our first fully-playable release, Exploitation, in your hands as soon as possible.

A fully functional beta client.

While the game still has a lot to go before Exploitation is ready, we want to reflect on all that has been accomplished thus far.

Players can:

  • Scan asteroids
  • Name asteroids
  • Mint crew
  • Explore the Adalia star system
  • Plot travel between asteroids that are orbiting in real-time

Our first playable feature: Crew Assignments

Crew assignments are text-based role-playing missions through which your in-game characters can progress. Over time, depending on the decisions you make, your characters will earn particular traits and rewards.

The purpose of the initial phase of crew assignments is two-fold: first, it allows you, the player, to advance through the lore of Influence as we draw closer to the full release of Exploitation and, second, it allows your character to earn a unique composition of traits and rewards which will allow you to specialize in how you want to play Influence starting on day one of Exploitation.

Each week a single crew assignment will be released. These assignments are able to be completed by each of your owned crew members.

From 0 to ~25k Community Members

We are humbled and grateful for each and every one of you that are here and taking part in this journey to create Influence. Influence’s long-term vision is to build a digital universe that is fun and interactive while being owned and governed by the community that plays it. So once again, thank you for being here!

While all community members are important and we continue to push content, marketing, and engagement, to grow our ranks and fill the universe of Adalia, some community members have gone above and beyond in breathing life into Influence.

So a big thank you to all of our mods, community writers, community developers, and community volunteers.

Check out some of their work here:

Partnership with StarkWare

In October 2021 we announced that Influence will launch Exploitation on StarkNet. This is a massive advancement in scalability for the entirety of the Ethereum ecosystem, but specifically for Influence, moving the on-chain logic to StarkWare’s StarkNet will allow for mass adoption, low transaction costs, and infinitely more scalable and complex game mechanics. Development is well on its way and we will start to see the first in-game features on StarkNet very soon.

DAOs enter Influence’s ecosystem

DAOs, or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, have started to purchase some of the largest assets in-game to be able to utilize those assets for their community and host hundreds to thousands of players within Influence.

DAOs that have publicly entered and partnered with Influence:

In conclusion

The Influence team and community have grown significantly in this past year, and have produced some pretty incredible progress toward their first fully playable release, Exploitation. The team has produced ~7 million USD in revenue to help build Influence, directly from the community that wants to be part of the world we are creating.

With our continued dedication to community, decentralization, and the prioritization of progress and persistence we are working tirelessly to create an incredible game where players are participating governors and owners of Influence.

Once again thank you for being part of 2021, and we are incredibly excited for everything that is on the horizon.




A space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt, built on Ethereum, and scaled on StarkNet.

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Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj is the Head of Community and Partnerships for Unstoppable Games, helping bring to life Influence, a space strategy MMO built on the blockchain.

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