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Preparing for Launch & Test-to-Earn

Welcome Adalians,

First off, thank you for being here. While we still have much to do, we are releasing the foundational pieces that will allow us to get you into and playing Influence. This article will provide some context for where we are, what we are doing, and what is to come.

It’s been a year since Influence’s first debut, and in that time we have seen a swath of projects in the “blockchain gaming” space come and go. With the wave of the hype crashing on our shores, we have been able to identify some key needs of projects looking to build games in this new paradigm of “Play-And-Earn”.

What is Play-And-Earn?

This is the term applied to games that allow for players to own their content and potentially earn from playing. However, it differs strongly from the popularized term “Play-To-Earn”, in that Play-And-Earn games are being built with a focus on engaging their players and ensuring that the games are fun. This is what we need to attract long-time gamers and not only people who want to play-to-earn in order to extract any value away from the game.

Where are we now?

Influence is working tirelessly to create a game that is truly amazing. The game will have depth, visual allure, competitiveness, infinite playability, along with interactivity and collaboration between players on a grand scale.

We are currently putting the final touches on the most foundational pieces of the game, so that we can pivot and start implementing more playable features into the testnet and then into the first major release, Exploitation.

The Heavy Transport on its way to the final game modeler!
Enhanced and updated asteroid Interface getting ready to be pushed to the testnet

When will new asteroids and crew be able to be minted?

Great question. Ultimately this is something we don’t have a firm date on and is reliant on StarkNet pushing to MainNet. We are in close contact with them and they are making huge progress, and we believe it will be soon! As soon as they are ready to push to MainNet, we will be ready to roll out the entirely new Adalian character creation platform, new asteroid sales, and green light the L1 to L2 bridge.

Where are we headed?

One of the major changes that occurred over the past few months was switching our testnet from Rinkeby to Goerli. We made this transition because our scaling solution, StarkNet, which allows for mass adoption and cheap fast transactions while playing, utilizes Goerli.

With the rollout of the new testnet, we have an entire suite of features that will go live in the near future within the testnet. These features include bridging of assets, flight and travel, basic asteroid interactions, a 3D asset viewer, and completed production chains. This all adds up to the community being able to start exploring Adalia like never before.

However, in order for us to ensure stability and quality we need your help…

A first look at the soon to launch L1 to L2 bridge UI
Adalian Character Creation UI — Work in Progress

Test-to-Earn and the roll out of SWAY

We are excited to announce our first “Test-to-Earn” initiative and the first time the SWAY token will be available to be earned.

1% (1.5 billion SWAY) of the total initial distribution of the token at launch will be given to participants of the TestNet.

Influence strives to set a standard for how to build a truly decentralized game. We see rewarding community participation during the building of the game as an integral part of that decentralization. By participating in “battle testing” the testnet, community members will be able to earn SWAY while providing Influence with direct community feedback.

The purpose of this initiative is to demonstrate how much we truly value our community’s feedback and involvement, while at the same time discovering any issues that exist so that they can be eliminated prior to the Exploitation release. As Influence is a game that values decentralization, community ownership, and the ability for players to earn, we feel that this is a perfect opportunity to get SWAY into player’s hands.

What do you need to do?

Follow the TestNet guide here or in our Discord

How much can I earn?

1% (1.5 billion SWAY) of the total initial SWAY distribution at launch will be given to participants of the Influence TestNet.

  • 10,000 SWAY for minting an asteroid
    (with a limit of 100 per address)
  • 5,000 SWAY earned after completing the surface scan.

In the second phase users of the testnet will be able to bridge their asteroids to Layer 2 / StarkNet. Subsequent opportunities to earn will be available at this point (and during additional phases in the future) as part of the distribution of the 1.5 billion SWAY.

Is there a time limit?

No, however we want to hit a particular threshold of total asteroids minted in the new Goerli testnet. Only 11,100 asteroids can be minted in the first phase, so space is limited and you’ll want to get involved early!

Visit our Test-To-Earn article for a detailed guide to getting started

Community Ambassador program

We are actively working on a community ambassador program where owners of Influence assets can vote through the utilization of on their favorite community projects, content creation, and art/design. Each project that reaches a minimum threshold of votes will be awarded SWAY for their efforts.

This program is still being refined and more detailed information will be given soon.


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A space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt, built on Ethereum, and scaled on StarkNet.

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Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj is the Head of Community and Partnerships for Unstoppable Games, helping bring to life Influence, a space strategy MMO built on the blockchain.

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