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Road to Exploitation, Influence’s Grand Opening.

Influence is unique, challenging, and massive. Since our pre-alpha debut in April 2021 we have been working non-stop on producing an epic space strategy MMO for strategy game enthusiasts to sink their teeth into. With the first major release only months away we are excited to release Exploitation Release: A Player’s Guide, to outline and educate on all aspects of the upcoming release.

Influence’s attention to detail and commitment to creating an incredibly immersive experience is evident in the progress thus far.

From the asteroids you play on orbiting in real time around the star Adalia, to deep and realistic production chains for crafting items from the raw materials mined from those asteroids, Influence leans into futuristic realism, and hard / theoretical science, which gives it a gameplay experience unlike any other.

Each element of the game’s mechanics needed to be carefully crafted, from determining how owners of asteroids share access to particular lots of land on their asteroids to planning out flight paths and accounting for fuel usage.

So what’s next on the roadmap?

The Unstoppable Games team behind Influence is actively working on development preparing for the launch of Exploitation.

Projects currently in active development and design:

  • Migration to Layer 2 (StarkNet)

Building the contracts that will allow for the bridging of asteroid and crewmate assets to StarkNet

  • Asteroid Engine

Completing the Influence RAD (Rendering Asteroids in Detail) engine, which enables progressive, procedural enhancement of the asteroid landscapes down to sub one meter resolution

  • Ship Design

Refining 3D models for all three ships prior to production of game-ready assets.

  • Item Design

Creating 3D models for all raw materials, refined materials, and finished goods, for use as icons within the inventory management system.

  • Asteroid Ownership & Management

Defining the asteroid interaction user experience allowing players to select and construct buildings, land at spaceports, and lease lots.

  • Travel System

Developing the interactive flight system that players will utilize to plan out their trajectories throughout the belt.

  • Production Chains

Designing the production chains that take raw materials and use process modules to produce refined and finished goods.

  • Inventory Management

Designing and developing the systems and user experience for inventory management: from interacting with specific buildings, to the order book system on the marketplace.

  • Crew Management

Developing the system with which you can manage your team of crewmates, slot in a captain, and recruit new Adalians to your crew.

We look forward to seeing you within Adalia. There is much to come in the near future, so stay tuned and if you have not already joined the Influence Discord we invite you to join today!


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Above images are in progress and should be taken as concepts not final products. (L) Asteroid View (M) Shuttle (R) Hab Module.




A space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt, built on Ethereum, and scaled on StarkNet.

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Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj

Jean-Paul Faraj is the Head of Community and Partnerships for Unstoppable Games, helping bring to life Influence, a space strategy MMO built on the blockchain.

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