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A Guide to the Influence Goerli Test Network


One of the major changes that occurred over the past few months was switching the testnet from Rinkeby to Goerli. We made this transition because Influence’s scaling solution, StarkNet, which allows for mass adoption and cheap fast transactions while playing, utilizes Goerli.

We are looking for new and existing community members to get in, test out the Influence game client, and in doing so, earn some SWAY!

In order to utilize the Influence testnet you will need to be on the Goerli Ethereum Network. This network utilizes goETH which you can acquire for free and then play around in Influence without having to pay any money for assets or transactions.

What do you need to do?

  1. Join the Influence Discord:
  2. Follow the TestNet guide
  3. Mint some asteroids

How much can I earn?

1% (1.5 billion SWAY) of the total initial SWAY distribution at launch will be given to participants of the Influence TestNet.

Purchasing / minting an asteroid will earn 10,000 SWAY (with a limit of 100 per address) with a further 5,000 SWAY earned after completing the surface scan. In the second phase users of the testnet will be able to bridge their asteroids to Layer 2 / StarkNet. Subsequent opportunities to earn will be available at this point (and during additional phases in the future) as part of the distribution of the 1.5 billion SWAY.

Is there a time limit?

No, however we want to hit a particular threshold of total asteroids minted in the new Goerli testnet. Only 11,100 asteroids can be minted in the first phase, so space is limited and you’ll want to get involved early!

NOTE: SWAY is only available to you at the release of Exploitation. You will earn it now, but won’t be able to use it til the game launches.

Guide to minting asteroids on the testnet:

Step 1: Getting on the Goerli Network

best practice is to create a new address when using the testnet

The first step is to switch to the Goerli Network (if you do not use Metamask the steps should be similar to your preferred wallet). To do this, simply login to your wallet and click on the button at the top labeled “Ethereum Mainnet.” Scroll down and click on “Goerli Test Network”. You should see your wallet has now switched onto the correct network.

Step 2: Funding your wallet with Goerli ETH

You will need some Goerli ETH in your wallet to purchase asteroids and play around in the Influence testnet (these are not the real assets in-game and are strictly for testing).

In order to get some Goerli ETH we suggest using

To fund your wallet go to the link above and click “Alchemy Login” in the top right corner. (Avoid using other buttons as they sometimes take you to the wrong page). You will be prompted to login or create an account. If this is your first time, click “Create an Account” and login using an email address or the “Login with Google” button.

Once you do this the site will take you back to the main page where you can paste your ETH address into the prompt field and click “Send me ETH”. This will send you 0.1 testnet ETH immediately (this can only be done once per day).

At this point you should be able to see 0.1 ETH in your metamask wallet (ensure you are in the “Goerli Test Network” from Step 1).

You are now ready to use the Influence Test Network!

Step 3: Use the Influence Test Network

Within the test network you can currently mint asteroids, name them, and scan/finalize them for bonuses.

Head over to and login into your wallet in-game (top right corner).

Once you are logged in and have verified that you are on the Goerli Test Network within your Metamask wallet, you are ready to start minting asteroids.

3a. Mint an asteroid

If you have never minted an asteroid within Influence, now is your chance to play around with the process. You can navigate to “Map” at the bottom and then click “Filters” to bring up the asteroid filtering panel.

From there we recommend inputting 1,000 as the minimum radius and 2,000 as the largest to ensure you are minting the smallest asteroids, so you can practice minting multiple without spending all of your testnet ETH.

Once you have clicked on an asteroid you can hit the “Details” button within the asteroid information section to the right. This will bring up all details about this asteroid and the “purchase” button. Simply follow the steps once you click “purchase”.

3b. Scan an asteroid

You can only scan an asteroid which you own, after the purchase has been completed. Within the asteroid details panel click “start scan” and then confirm the transaction. It may take up to a minute to scan and then you will be prompted to “Finalize Scan”. Ensure that you confirm the “Finalize Scan”. Once complete,it will showcase your asteroid’s bonus stats (if any).




A space strategy MMO, set in a realistic asteroid belt, built on Ethereum, and scaled on StarkNet.

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