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How to use Silk to publish data-driven stories efficiently

Silk and InfoTimes have partnered up to offer a series of free webinars and hands-on sessions to journalists who want to hack their data skills.

To sign up: register here.

The webinars will teach journalists how to master the data publishing platform Silk. With Silk, data journalism is easy. And you can go from spreadsheet to analysis to publish-ready visualizations in minutes. Without the need to code a single line. What’s more, Silk is free to use.

Alice Corona’s webinar

The webinars will be held by Amr Eleraqi, founder and director of InfoTimes, and Alice Corona, Silk’s in-house data journalist.

The first webinar will show “how to use Silk to publish data-driven stories efficiently”. At the end of the webinar, we’ll ask users to come up with a dataset they’d like to see visualized.

The following webinar will look at how to transform a selection of these specific dataset(s) into a Silk project, with ready-to-publish visualizations. Users can either follow the chosen case study or apply the steps to their own data project. Silk’s data journalist will be available also after the webinar, to offer personal assistance to those who wish to continue with their projects after the duration of the training.

To sign up: register here.


Thursday January 21st 2016, Introduction to Silk
Thursday January 28th 2016 Publish your own story with Silk

Please also invite friends and colleagues because they might learn useful skills from this webinar.

Hope to see you there!

Alice from and Amr from InfoTimes

About Silk: Silk is a place to publish your data. Each Silk contains data on a specific topic. Anyone can explore a Silk and create interactive visualizations. Silk has been successfully used by The Guardian, The Washington Post, Mashable, IJNEt and Human Rights Watch. Here’s a 80 second introduction on Silk

About InfoTimes:
InfoTimes are a modern information design and data visualization agency in heart of Egypt with one common philosophy: data should be designed for sharing.
Our mission at the current time is to improve the skills of Arab journalists, raise the awareness among Arab press with the importance of data journalism, how they can use the data sets and spreadsheets for their own good.