What is the Infocrush?

The Infocrush is the suffocating crush of over-information that has infused every aspect of our daily lives like a noxious smog.

The Infocrush is Twitter. It’s the news. It’s the blogs. It’s the live streams, the push notifications, the popups. It’s the invitation to play FarmVille. It’s the auto-loading next episode of Netflix. It’s more content, from more sources, pumped into your eyes and brain with unremitting force.

The Infocrush is the choose-your-own-reality media climate that has left us divided and resentful.

The Infocrush is us, too. It’s our all-consuming need to be connected. Plugged in. Wired. It’s us glued to our screens. It’s our self-indulgent ranting. It’s our boredom, anomie, cruelty.

The Infocrush exploits the gap between our ideals an our actions. We set out principles for ourselves, and then we find ourselves flouting them daily. We will ourselves in one direction and we gracelessly slip down the other. We say we’ll turn our lives around, and then we spend the day in bed, online, comforted, untouchable, voyeuristic, static.

The Infocrush will chew you up. It will reach directly into your brain and overload your primal circuitry, jamming your neurochemistry with self-destructive mental patterns. The Infocrush fills your days with triviality and dread. It chokes out rationality, shrinks your attention span, and marginalizes your rationality. It places you in an insanely complex world of continuous problems and conflict. It saps your mental energy, leaves your mind wheezing and dull.

The Infocrush cannot be avoided. It can only be managed.

For to be human is to consume and act on information. In this, we do not have a choice. But, unlike most humans who have ever lived, we do have an incredible choice: the nature of the information we consume.

This is an awesome power to wield. No generation of human beings, ever, has had the sheer choice in information that we enjoy today. Yesteryear’s kings and pharaohs could never in their wildest dreams have imagined a world of limitless on-demand information gratification.

Our project, then, is to use this awesome power to create excellent lives for ourselves in a difficult world. The same problem that humans have wrestled with for millennia. Just a bit more high-tech.

This publication is dedicated to reclaiming our minds from the Infocrush. It is a place to collect thoughts, advice and recommendations on the right mindset, the right habits and the right tools to live well in the age of information overload.

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