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Climate Change in Data: The Physical Science Basis

The project Climate Change in Data, The Physical Science Basis has been commissioned by the technical support unit of the IPCC WG1. It is a digital narrative that illustrates the key findings of the summary for policymakers of the corresponding report, through its ten data visualisations.

The goal is to tell a story of how we have changed the Earth’s climate, how this is experienced around the world, and that we are now at a turning point so that we can understand that the choices we make and our collective action in the next decade(s) will set the path for our future climate.

With such high public interest in climate change around the world, the global audience for the WGI report is extremely broad, including sector-specific experts, journalists, general public, policymakers, NGOs, activists and school children. Tailoring the key messages into visual formats that resonate with specific target audiences is a huge and unmissable opportunity to engage more people than ever with climate science and the work of the IPCC. Clear, understandable and engaging communications can empower not only policy-makers, but also every citizen to make informed decisions.

The co-design of this digital data story lasted eight months and before we started the process of editing this story, we went through several design iterations to gain a shared understanding of who our audience was, what they care about, what we were trying to achieve, the most appropriate medium, the tone of voice and the type of experience we needed in order to meet our audiences where they are.

The collaboration included different professionals and content experts, from science editors to scientists, from photographers to film makers, from information designers to UX/UI designers and of course developers. A special thanks goes to to the TSU of the IPCC Working Group 1, the Norwegian Environment Agency, Fifth Beat, Exalt Editing, Håvard Fandrem and Oda Hveem.

The final product is a layered platform with take away messages, an accessible narrative, videos and powerpoint presentations with explanations.



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