Different Mobile App Development Mistakes to Avoid

Mobile App Development Mistakes you should avoid

In today’s time more and more organizations are developing mobile apps to fuel their business because they know mobile apps are the present and future of their online business strategy. But a lot of businesses are alien to the essential means of developing an ace app.

In this article we list down top and most common app development mistakes that you should avoid while creating a mobile app.

  • Creating a mobile experience similar to desktop UX — This is commonly committed mistake that app developers do. App creators should keep in mind that a mobile app is a different platform and should be treated as such. Mobile users require a different experience. Creating a small version of desktop app isn’t going to help.
  • Ignoring the importance of mobile app marketing — One of the worst mobile app development mistakes you could make is no marketing it appropriately. No matter how useful your app is, it will fail miserably if it doesn’t catches the attention of target audience. There is no substitute to a smart app marketing strategy. Always make a note that a mobile app marketing strategy can complement a brand’s offline experience, drive e-commerce, or simply connect a brand to its customers/prospective.
  • Anticipating huge mobile app retention rates — People download apps every day, that’s great! But ever wondered how many of it is actually being used? Very less! Yes, many of them are abandoned or never even used. According to Loyalitcs, “[a]cross all industries, 80% of all app userschurn within 90 days. Brands can improve app retention rate through in-app messaging, push notifications, individualization and more.

Other app development mistakes may include: building a mobile website instead of apps, overlooking the power of user engagement, ignoring cross-platform app development, not considering speed optimization, not acknowledging the connectivity issues and many more.