Tips for Staffing Companies to Uplift Recruiter Performance

Tips to Increase Recruiter productivity

Recruiters need to be on their toes if you want to approach and hire the right candidate for the right role, especially during a global talent shortage. In fact, shortage of talent is reported to be one of the biggest challenges facing staffing firms in 2017 — hence the recruiters need to be more efficient and punctual in reaching out to the best candidates.

Staffing companies need to do their best to increase recruiter productivity and performance. They need to create an environment that’s best to perform. How?

  1. Introducing ATS and CRM that is in sync — Hiring candidates is usually need recruiters to do time-zapping tasks like entering schedule, screening, updating follow-up and interview status in the database. Companies should make use of ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and CRM (Candidate Relationship Management System) that is in sync with each other to streamline workflows. Both client and recruiters will have access to the critical data, which creates agency alignment and generates actionable insights. Without these details it is tough for an IT Staffing company to grow or recruiters to communicate effectively and perform efficiently.
  2. Developing stronger relationship with candidates via SMS — Recruiters can get touch with candidates in numerous ways — via phone call, SMS and email etc. SMS is considered as the best personal communication mode. Through SMS, recruiters can reach candidates and develop a stronger relationship with them. This is specially helpful in case of urgent requirements. The turnaround time of a text message is more than text emails or voicemails.
  3. Offering personalized experiences to candidates — Personalization is the proven and powerful strategy that gives firms a competitive advantage, specifically in the times when recruiters are struggling to get the best talents. Treating a candidate like they’re just another one in the league doesn’t produce desired outcome. What to do? Personalize your communication — written or verbal; approach them as per their skills and interests.

IT Staffing Industry can only succeed by embracing automation. (Artificial Intelligence) is the next big thing in the technology sphere. AI can truly result in immense cost reduction, optimum utilization of time and resource.