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A comprehensive view of iOS 11

Apple has put out a ton of new features in iOS 11 SDK. I’m super curious to know what Apple will unveil on the new iPhone Event. iOS 11 includes a bunch of changes that you need to be aware of when creating apps.



Apple stepped in Augmented Reality with the introduction of ARKit. This Framework gives user AR experiences in apps. ARKit can automatically detect horizontal surface, movement tracking, tracking real-world object, and place virtual objects in visual realism. It actively supports Unity, Unreal and SceneKit.

Core ML

Machine learning

Artificial intelligence — iOS 11 sets new standard in the domain of computer science. Core ML extends the ability and intelligence of apps without being explicitly programmed.

It allows you to integrate CoreML trained Machine learning algorithm Model. Core ML supports Vision for image analysis, Foundation (NSLinguisticTagger class) for natural language processing and GameplayKit for evaluating learned decision trees.

Apple provide ready-to-use CoreML models for trees, animals, food, vehicles, people, airport terminal, bedroom, forest, coast, and more for use. Here is the download link.

Drag and Drop

One of the most handy feature, Drag & Drop now available for users will provide an easy and quick way to move or copy-paste content from one app to another by Multi-touch. User can move text, images, contacts, reminders, maps and files from one app to another.

Apple has really done a cracking job in Drag & Drop. It is really easy to use, by tap and hold you can simply pick any content and drag it to the destination with Spring-loaded effect and drop your content where you want it…Read more

Files App

File management

Apple introduces new “Filesapp in iOS 11. The Files App is medium using which you can browse, search, and organize local and cloud (and other third party file storage service provider) files…Read more

iOS 11 App UI

iOS 11 App UI

With the unveiling of iOS 11, Apple reimagined the design of Apps. IOS 11 design seems BIG & BOLD, as Apple App Store, Music and News were among the first to adopt big titles, rounded card-like UI, and filled bottoms…Read More

Autofill Password

Autofill Password

Password AutoFill allows users to fill in their login credentials directly into any app by interacting with the QuickType bar which is exhibited above the keyboard…. Read More


Apple provides Dynamic Type for system font like Headline, body, title etc. You can add custom scalable fonts support with the use of UIFontMetrics. The Font with the appropriate style information will automatically scale to match the current Dynamic Type settings. Here is a link that helps you to add support in iOS11 app.

HEIF for images & HEVC for video

Apple has two new media formats: HEIF for images and HEVC for video. Developers can take advantage of the space-saving and higher-fidelity features of these formats.

App Store - in-App Ratings & Responses

Apple added new StoreKit framework that allow developer to ask for Rating and Review in the application. One does not need to redirected to App Store for this. Also developer can reply to users reviews. Here is brief understanding and coding guideline for developer.

Wrapping Up

Apple has arrived at such significant change in iOS 11. Apple’s main focus in this update is to improve user engagement, provide AR & ML with high performance, security and amazing new UI design.

While there is certainly more to know and waiting to be revealed. It’s necessary to adjust apps in the iOS 11 and new upcoming iPhones.

And Boom💥! Apple Special Event…might surprise us with new iPhones. Like iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, A11 Fusion chip, Face detection, many more as rumours suggest.

Let us know your thoughts on this article or on iOS 11 and how Apple will update the interface and overall user experience.

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