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Java, PHP, Node.js, Ruby🤔? — Server-side Swift👍

There is a number of server-side scripting languages available, such as ASP, JSP, Perl, PHP, and Ruby. open-source community provides Server APIs to develop Server-side frameworks and programs. Swift is doing great job in server-side web development. Swift provides core capabilities like Networking, Security, Encryption, HTTP, and WebSockets. The Swift Server APIs are managed by open source community.

The exciting part of the Server-side swift is you can write a complete solution in one language only, with no need of having multiple languages, like Node.js, Java, Ruby, or Python. And also you can develop client-facing and server-side in Swift.

Swift open source and continuous efforts of the huge developer community, swift is a revolution in the developer world. Well… You can develop iOS apps, OSX apps, Backend, Websites, IOT Projects, Games, and many more things with the help of one language: SWIFT. Cool right??

I’m very pleased to introduce to you to the famous server-side frameworks.

Perfect (12,232⭐️), Vapor (11,312⭐️), Kitura (6,004⭐️), Zewo (1,786⭐️), Swift Express (847⭐️) — Rating at the time of writing

Ah... if you are interested in framework detailing and difference, I guide you to check Quora Answer and if you want to interested in a standard by which you can judge Server-side Swift and another language, then please check out Benchmarks for the Top Server-Side Swift Frameworks vs. Node.js

Although there are many competitors, Perfect and Vapor have a secure good position in the developer community. Both frameworks is easy to understand, simple syntax, and Comparing Vapor and Perfect, I prefer Vapor on other frameworks.

In fact, I have developed a sample Server-side API project for practice. Project is with Vapor latest version in swift 4. Do check project Vapor-Server-side-swift-demo.

Wrapping Up

Overall Swift server-side is a very handy language for newcomers in web development. Projects are easy to build, rapid development, secure networking, mature frameworks, and active communities make Swift server-side potential in web technologies.

I’m really excited about what you think about the Swift server-side. Please leave your thoughts in the comments👍.

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