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SWIFTip#6: Casual insight of the week

Learning around swift.

Here is a weekly insight to enhance skills of Swift good practice. Do comment if you have the better suggestion for swift learners.

Thank you.


Array Instance Method

// The following code uses this method to test whether all
// the scores in an array is greater than 85:
let scores = [85, 88, 95, 92]
let passed = scores.allSatisfy { $0 >= 85 }
//OUTPUT: passed ==> Truelet names = ["Swift", "Junk", "box"]
let isMoreThanThree = names.allSatisfy({ $0.count >= 3})
//OUTPUT: isMoreThanThree ==> true

Difference between map(_:) and compactMap(_:)

// Use compactMap function to receive an array of nonoptional values
// when your transformation produces an optional value.
let possibleNumbers = ["1", "2", "three", "///4///", "5", "Fish"]
let mapped: [Int?] = { Int($0) }
// [1, 2, nil, nil, 5, nil]
let compactMapped: [Int] = possibleNumbers.compactMap { Int($0) }
// [1, 2, 5]

Which one is better for Constant? Struct or enum

The advantage of using a case-less enumeration is that it can’t accidentally be instantiated and works as a pure namespace.

Easy Keyboard dismiss

Dimiss Keyboard on Drag of any scrolling event

// UITableView
tableView.keyboardDismissMode = .onDrag //.interactive
CollectionView.keyboardDismissMode = .onDrag
scrlView.keyboardDismissMode = .onDrag

- What is Failable Initializers?

An initialization function (“initializer”), can be declared to be optional (init?). You must return nil if the initialization process fails.

- Can I initialise enum? How?

An enumeration (enum) does not require an explicit initializer, but enumerations can be extended to have custom initializers.

- is it mandatory to Initialze structure?

A structure (struct) is a group of values, so each value must be initialized before the structure can be accessed.





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