When I first started watching the documentary, Generation Like, I didn’t realized that this documentary was essentially, about me. Not just me, but my generation in general.

I always thought I was smarter than to fall prey to marketers but I realize now that I am at just as much fault as the rest of my generation.

Before I post an Instagram, I almost always run a caption by Marcella or one of my other friends to make sure that it’s a good one.

Or, she’ll send me a few different pictures and I’ll tell her which one she should make her profile picture. We’ll also run cover photo ideas by each other to decide what is funny or what will look best with our current profile picture.

We do this all for one thing-likes.

Sometimes, a caption will even plan out an Instagram. If there is an event that I’m going to, I’ll sometimes have a good caption in my head and then I will plan out the picture according to what would make sense with the caption.

It’s funny because my friends were reading this post over my shoulder and started to make fun of me of saying all of this. After talking about it with them however, I got them to come to realize that they do the exact same things I do, we just don’t really verbalize how addicted we are to likes.

I don’t want likes to become a world-wide super star by any means. I want likes within the realm of my friends. That is the network that is important to me, not the world wide network of become famous for something.

I never realized how integrated the YouTube network seems to be with the YouTube starts working together to build their fan bases.

The Audience Agency that helps people grow their fan base on social media is also very interesting. When they had a bunch of YouTube stars in a video and they got sponsors from Ford and Adidas.

I know for myself personally, I don’t like when I see direct ads in videos like that and I usually don’t pay attention to them. Just because I see a kid in a video driving a Ford doesn’t mean that I will want to drive that Ford.

In the video they said “It’s not an option [for companies] to stand on the sidelines.” I think that this is very true, yet the implications for the future of marketing is a little scary. Mainly because the future is unclear for what they will mean for not only how marketers act, but how that will shape the perspective of the generations to come.

Here is an example of an Instagram where I planned the caption before the picture.