ICTC’s Tech & Human Rights Series

Robots & Robot Ethics

A Conversation with Dr. AJung Moon

Photo by Science in HD on Unsplash
Dr. AJung Moon is an experimental roboticist. She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering at McGill University, where she investigates how robots and AI systems influence the way people move, behave, and make decisions in order to inform how we can design and deploy such autonomous intelligent systems more responsibly. Dr. Moon is also the Founder and Director of Open Roboethics Institute (ORI), an Associate Member of the McGill Centre for Intelligent Machines (CIM), and an Associate Member of Mila. In the realm of tech policy and ethics, she is a Member of the Government of Canada Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence, an Executive Committee Member of The IEEE Global Initiative for Ethical Considerations in Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Systems, and a Panel Member of the International Panel on the Regulation of Autonomous Weapons (IPRAW).
Kiera Schuller is a Research & Policy Analyst at ICTC with a background in human rights and global governance. Kiera holds an MSc in Global Governance from the University of Oxford. She launched ICTC’s Human Rights Series in 2020 to explore the emerging ethical and human rights implications of new technologies such as AI and robotics in Canada and globally, particularly on issues such as privacy, equality, and freedom of expression.

ICTC’s Tech & Human Rights Series:

Our Tech & Human Rights Series dives into the intersections between emerging technologies, social impacts, and human rights. In this series, ICTC speaks with a range of experts about the implications of new technologies such as AI on a variety of issues like equality, privacy, and rights to freedom of expression, whether positive, neutral, or negative. This series also particularly looks to explore questions of governance, participation, and various uses of technology for social good.



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