How Amazon Repricing Works: At A Glance

Staying ahead of the game as an Amazon seller is tough, but at least Amazon repricing software makes it easier.

Success on Amazon starts with understanding your competitors. Part of your competition comes from Amazon itself, an entity that can continuously adjust prices and stay atop listings.

Your other competition comes from hungry, skillful marketplace sellers just like you.

Sometimes, they’re selling identical items to you, and that means product visibility and pricing are essential to driving profitable sales.

Unfortunately, the more items you sell, the more impossible it becomes to keep up manually.

Just imagine how tedious it would be to constantly monitor your competitors’ prices, not to mention having to manually update your own prices in response every time you track a change.

Repricing software, also known as a “repricer,” is the best way around this otherwise impossible-to-manage workload.

A repricer lets Amazon sellers compare and adjust their products’ prices against those of competitors automatically, no matter who they are.

This keeps a seller’s offer visible and in contention for the Buy Box — even while you’re asleep.

Many Amazon sellers are still unsure of how this risk-mitigation and sales-driving software works. So, let’s do a quick run-through of repricing software, including how it works, how long it takes to update pricing information, and how it fits within the overall selling process.

How Amazon repricing software works

When you set up your repricer, your listings automatically populate into the software via the reporting provided by Amazon’s Subscriptions API.

After that, the repricer looks at your products and analyzes the offers from all sellers on a particular listing to determine a competitor.

Repricing software generally gives users the option to narrow their competition by only competing with:

• specific fulfillment types

• sellers that are buy box eligible

• competitors with a seller rating above a specified amount

• sellers with specific metrics, such as handling days above or below a certain amount

A repricer will receive updates from Amazon when competition changes on a listing, and will react by repricing your items according to the strategy settings you’ve specified.

Any price changes are always done with respect to a minimum price you’ve provided, ensuring your items are never sold below a price you’re comfortable with.

With, you can also auto-set your min prices based on the desired minimum profit you wish to earn per sale.

Optionally, you can set a max price to ensure your products are never priced beyond MSRP. Amazon has been known to penalize users who price excessively, so setting max prices should not be overlooked.

How long it takes to get price updates from Amazon

Among the most important reasons to use repricing software is its ability to “see” changes from competitors, process them, and react almost instantly.

The software receives and analyzes the data, and reacts as fast as Amazon allows — which is usually between every 5 to 15 minutes.

Some repricers aren’t capable of anything better than hourly repricing, so it pays to do research before committing to a piece of repricing software for your business.

Once you’ve set the parameters for your listings, including inputting minimum and maximum price points and deciding on the specific repricing strategies you want to use, you’re ready to start repricing and the software will continuously be at work to push your listings into the Buy Box and drive sales.

How it works within the selling process

One of the reasons repricing software is so effective is that this pattern repeats continuously.

No matter when sellers change the details of their listings, the software catches them and adjusts, keeping your listings competitive.

Of course, you can withhold and remove listings from this process. Repricing software won’t include your inactive, fixed price, or out of stock items.

The Bottom Line on Amazon Repricing Software

Repricing software makes the constant Amazon pricing war easy and manageable.

Your listings stay competitive without you constantly having to put in the effort of spying on your competitors and making manual price changes, saving you from countless hours and immeasurable stress.

Repricing software also ensures that more potential buyers will see your listings by boosting them to better places in the Offer Listings pages.

Finally, you’re in a much better position — and probably the only viable position — to effectively compete for and win the Buy Box.