Walmart Repricing Now Available for Marketplace Sellers From

For years, has provided the most trusted automated repricing software for Amazon and eBay sellers, and now Walmart repricing is finally here.

You heard that right: now offers automated repricing to sellers on Walmart Marketplace, also known as This is more than exciting news: It’s game-changing.

Why Walmart repricing is such a big deal for sellers

Walmart Marketplace is relatively new, and it’s full of untapped potential. In fact, over the last holiday season, Walmart’s online sales grew by a massive 29%.

The amount of items listed on Walmart Marketplace, as well as the number of marketplace sellers, pales in comparison to the amount currently on Amazon.

That means Walmart Marketplace is a wide open playing field — and Walmart repricing will be key for the sellers that make it to the top.

Sellers who are savvy enough to see that potential and get in on Walmart Marketplace early have the chance to profit in ways they never dreamed possible.’s Walmart repricer also helps you maximize profits — automatically

One of the most impressive features of’s Walmart repricer is that it will always maximize your profitability when you’re in the Buy Box.

That means that when you’re in the Buy Box, you’ll always be priced a penny below the next-lowest-priced seller.

So, when you win the Walmart Buy Box by pricing at $9.99 when your next-lowest-priced competitor is at $10.00, but then that $10.00 competitor leaves the listing or goes out-of-stock, your price will automatically raise to be one cent below the next-lowest-priced seller.

If the next-lowest-priced seller is listing the product at $13.00, you’ll then see your price increase from $9.99 to $12.99 automatically, helping you retain the Buy Box and increase your profits for every sale you make at the new, higher price.

It’s just one more aspect of our Walmart repricing platform that we’re extremely proud of, and we think you’ll love using it., a Walmart Marketplace Preferred Partner for automated repricing

With’s automated repricer powering your Walmart listings into Walmart’s own version of the Buy Box, you’ll have the chance to absolutely dominate this Marketplace.

What the team is most proud of is that Walmart chose us to be a Preferred Partner — and one of the first and only repricers currently available on Walmart Marketplace.

If you’re curious to learn more about what Walmart repricing (and selling on Walmart) can do for you, check out this post on why you should start selling on Walmart Marketplace now.

In it, you’ll also discover what it takes to become a Walmart Marketplace seller, what to expect on the Walmart seller application, and what becoming a seller could mean for your business.

We hope you’re as excited as we are about’s new Walmart repricing integration.

And, we look forward to helping you win the Walmart Buy Box and boosting your Walmart sales the same way we’ve been helping sellers dominate Amazon and eBay for years.